Comodo graphics...

nice work


Great Work :BNC (:CLP)

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

A verification engine wallpaper.

Edit: I just remembered that we have a wallpaper thread… age… :wink:

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I have gone ahead and added it to the collection :smiley:

I will upload one more, so you have something to do… :wink: ;D

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Added :smiley:

Thought I should add something, what the heck , it’s been a while. Here are all Gimp images as usual. I tried some realism as well with the bowl, cup, paint, etc…the rest just for fun. Just a note: the bowl, cup and paint cup took a wee bit longer than the others to make. I used mainy basic painting tactics, not plugins.


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Nice work Paul!

Thanks. I had these made for quite some time but forgot about the graphics section we made. I like making realistic items like the bowl but it takes VERY long. If it won’t keep my interest, I never finish it, lol. I have a slew of unfinished ones. Gimp is a challenging program for sure. Sometimes I wish it had all the 8bf’s that photoshop does , well, I can get some and use pspi but the ones available don’t do any more than can be done in Gimp already. It’s still said that Gimp can’t do what Photoshop does, still, well, I will prove it wrong yet. It doesn’t get much better than realism really and I admit Gimp is very MANUAL compared to Photoshop but i’m getting there.

Hey Aowl, you’re a photoshop master, in all honesty, do you know what PS can do that Gimp can’t? Anything that is out of the ordinary etc…that typical gps can’t handle? I would appreciate it so I can try to duplicate some. I have made some textures like driftwood, etc…so i’m getting there.



I don’t know Gimp enough to say what it cant do as Photoshop can…
I don’t think that it’s much…

I see. Well, when I get time, I want to create some textures for Gimp users. We’ll see what happens. I’ll just start making some stuff. I need to compile and all that as well so it works with Linux etc…which I am not very skilled in.


When I remember and have time I try to make some textures as well.
If you have any good ones, you can send them to me… ;D

Mike, Hope you like it, if not, let me know and i’ll do some changes…


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Pandlouk…as I said in the PM, I can add pegasus to this for you and this is what I made yesterday…


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Fantastic :BNC :BNC :BNC

thank you,thank you,thank you, (:LOV)


Hi Paul,

Just to say thanks again for this. :wink:


Pandlouk>> Here are the avatars…if not, just let me know…

Mike>>you are very welcome :slight_smile:

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Yess :BNC

Thanks (:LOV)

Paul how can I remove the black background?