Comodo Firewall Version BETA Released

As per roadmap, we are releasing BETA version of COMODO Firewall Pro with support of Dutch language.

Last time we made few help files live, some users found that they could not view it’s contents, this time we have zipped them just to see if there was any corruption during download.

Following are the changes:

  1. “Comodo Firewall” name has been changed to “COMODO Firewall Pro”.
  2. “Activity->Connections” now shows per connection bytes in/out.
  3. Animated tray icon showing in/out traffic status.
  4. We have removed Buffer Overflow Protection feature, we will target it for next i.e. 2.5 release.

Other than above the purpose of this release is to review Dutch translation.

Dutch (Size 1.3 MB) (Size 10.5 MB)

In addition to that our usual English alone setup is also available:
(Size 9.7 MB)

and here are the help files in zipped form for review:

Updated Non-English languages BETA Release Roadmap:

14-Dec-06 : Swedish
19-Dec-06 : Turkish & Greek
26-Dec-06 : Comodo Firewall 2.4 Release with all the 13 languages.

Please uninstall previous 2.4.* BETA version and install afresh to test.

Thanking all the translators for their contribution.


Now the help menu is working but i still got font problems with Hungarian special characters(ű and ő letters). They’re displayed as u" and o".

Shall i report picture problems? Like it’s still English or the resize is bad, etc.

In the activity window there are <> titles in the lower right corner of the window that don’t do anything. If the window is maximized these are not anchored.

Thanks for adding these other (traffic) gui indicators!


See this minor GUI issue…

Why not make the animated tray icon more like ZoneAlarm?

Keep the good work…

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Wow, you have sharp eyes Vampiric! ;D
It is the same on 107 version…

I love it :BNC

The only problem is that I can’t submit files to comodo :-\

I’ve got spanish of Spain help files and spanish of Spain translation corrected.
Where can i send those files??

I have spent the whole night figuring out what was causing the problems with my VPN connection. Visual Studio would hang after a few seconds connecting to Team Foundation Server. That would lock the VPN connection and if I’d disconnect the VPN there would be a ghost adapter with address left. I could not kill the Visual Studio afterwards by any means. I could not shutdown Windows but I had to turn off the computer (laptop has no reset button :frowning: ).
After I uninstalled a couple of applications, among them Comodo Firewall (this thread beta), the problem disappeared. I installed Comodo again to see if it was the cause and the problems started again.
Now I’m installing the last release version back.

Edit: The same happens with the release version. Windows XP SP2. If I simply connect a standard Windows VPN connection and try to open a remote computer share “\somecomputer” it hangs the VPN connection and on disconnect it leaves the ghost adapter. Am I missing something here?

Am i the only one who thinks its a little odd, its name has changed to PRO and removing things? is this going payware? i know it says all versions are free, but most company’s use name changes to wriggle out of there promises, just thinking out loud here.

Its not going payware!
the name changed to PRO cos many people were comparing our firewall to Free version of ZA. As you know this is an unfair comparison. So its a marketing move to add the Pro to the name so that people will associate our firewall and its quality not with the free versions of others but with their Pro and paid versions.

We have removed Buffer Overflow, because the code is not stable enough to include it in this version. We will include it in the next version as soon as its stable enough and not causing BSOD.
We want to release a version with multi language capability and did not want Buffer Overflow feature stop us from doing that.

So to recap. Its free, will always be free!


This is just off the top of my head, but this method has worked for F5 Networks clientless SSL VPN.

Assuming that the IP assigned to the ghost adaptor is always in the same range, you could create a zone that encompasses that IP range of the ghost adaptor and then set that zone as trusted.

Let us know if this works.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

you can mail me ( updated translation.


Wonderful! :BNC

But is the bytes in/out necessary?

I like the traffic icon, but it looks like the Comodo Pro icon has a tennis ball stuck on the shield. (:KWL)

I have been a long-time user of Zonealarm Pro, but it seems the ZA Pro 6.5 version likes to crash my machine. Major blue screen of death. (:SAD) I haven’t had any problems with Comodo. It might be a hard decision if somehow ZA makes a BSOD free version.

OK, will try right now.
A kind of a problem is that the VPN range is standard 192.168.x.x and if I make that trusted then I put the shields down when in other networks with the same range?
Is there a way to tell that a certain range is trusted on certain adapter? Or how does CPF handle these rules?

Edit: No, nothing changed after making a trusted zone. Still hangs on the same places. I can establish a connection, and certain things (like ping) work. But some don’t. I’ve sent a more detailed explanation to support in a ticket.

Hi guys :slight_smile:

Is the COM/OLE automation attempts bug solved ? ???
I currently running CPF beta and still appear, I notice this bug from last CPF stable release and still present in the last beta.

Especially appear when Azureus is downloading and I want to play Counter Strike Source the two programs will mix together.

So is this only happen to me ?

Thanks ,

The animated tray icon is too distractive…:slight_smile:
Please add a choice to use the old tray icon in the next beta… Thanx


As I’ve reported some couple of months back on the 2.3.x bug thread, it looks like the same bug still exist on the BETA.

-Max Log File to 100MB
-Click on the “Connections” Tab
-Click back on the “Logs” Tab

Max Log File switches to 5MB?!


Does anyone have a screenshot of this new icon?

Have only been using CPF for a few days now but impressed so far and am keen to look at this new beta as the animated tray icon is something I miss from Zone Alarm (I don’t miss the BSOD’s though :))