COMODO Firewall Pro Version BETA Released

We are releasing English alone version of this BETA. (Size 9.12 MB)

The purpose of this beta release is to check out following fixes:

  1. Significantly improved self defense
    1.a) Defense against automated windows messaging (Simulated mouse clicks)
    1.b) File digital ceritificate verification for own binaries
    1.c) Fixed DOS conditions in self defense handling
    1.d) Fixed system driver crashes
    1.e) Fixed some bugs that can cause priviledge escallation

  2. Improved OLE automation handling

  3. Fixed some minor bugs in tooltip texts

  4. Removed non-TCP/UDP application popups until version 3.0

  5. Fixed reported high cpu utilization by cmdagent.exe in 2.4 BETAs

  6. Fixed the bug causing SHA1 replies to be forgotten

Please do let us know your comments


[EDITED on 3rd Jan, 2007]
We are postponing release of COMODO Firewall Pro version 2.4 to 11th Jan, 2007.
On 9th Jan, 2007 we will make an RC (release candidate) live with all the supported languages.
It will have all the corrections per language reported by reviewers and translators.

I will try this one… improved OLE handling sounds promising… ;D

Sweet. 8)

we want feedback on this as soon as possible please guys :slight_smile: (Please)…

we are trying to make it for 4th… but need to know if everything is ok with this beta.

thank you very much


It didn’t work too good…
Everything I click on in the firewall has a 5 second delay…
I have imported my old rules, but it keeps asking about both old rules I already have and new ones I have made. Take a look at the screenshot.
It is the same app and parent. (firefox/firefox)
I will reboot one more time, just to be sure that it’s not there the problem are.
I did uninstall, reboot, install, reboot and locked around, and then added my old rules.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I will try… :slight_smile:

Until now I never had a problem with your betas… :smiley:

Perhaps you should uninstall it again & NOT import your old rules. there might be an incompatibility issue with the registry structure.

This is my first look at a 2.4 beta. It’s certainly slower to react than 2.3.x. The delay is about four seconds before the program responds. It’s still fussy (or forgetful, I’m not really sure) about applications being allowed. Resource usage is about the same as before.

Do I detect the influence of the dreaded Matousec in this build?


Forget what I suggested. Since Jimpdx is also experiencing the delay, then the old rules are unlikely to be the cause… it must be something else, I’m not seeing any delays in the GUI.

What makes you say this Jimpdx?

Windows 2000 SP4. Moving from v2.3.6.81.

  1. Can’t set individual parents for Firefox. When I imported my old rules it deleted most of them and set “Skip Parent” for the remaining 2 rules (one for UDP, one for TCP).
    If I delete all Firefox rules and start Firefox again I can set parent to ‘explorer’ but if I then try to restart Firefox (parent is itself), the previous rules are set to “Skip Parent”. Not a major problem but I do like to decide what programs use Firefox (or any other program for that matter) and not have CPF decide for me.
    I have “Do not show any alerts for the applications certified by Comodo” unticked and alert frequency very high.
    This has just happened to another application WinWhois. It would appear that for any program where I have more than one Parent, CPF now wants to set that application to “Skip Parent”.

  2. Why can’t you close connections any more under Activity/Connections dialog?

  3. Under same dialog, after a few minutes not all the ‘System’ connections are showing - only port TCP 139 between my PC and laptop on LAN. Previously and on my laptop which still has v2.3.6.81, it shows connections for ports UDP 137 and UDP 138.

  4. Since the first time I installed CPF some while ago I’ve never been able to restart any of my computers on my LAN. Disable cmdagent and I can. Now this is resolved with this beta - HURRAH!


I also cannot replicate what MSB is seeing with the Skip Parent issues. CFP correctly creates an Firefox entry for each parent I call it from.

But, I can confirm MSBs findings on points 2 & 3. I believe previous betas were the same.

  • Have you fixed/corrected the requested language specific bugs? I can’t see difference, but i guess it’s because i haven’t got newer addon release, am i right?
  • Any nicer activity icon :P?
  • Own language haven’t got option for activity icon.
  • Installer only created link for Uninstall and for firewall. You should create links for help, home page and for forum as well (this is higly recommended).
  • Not a real bug but the license text isn’t well sorted, place use more break lines (see attached picture).

Will the users be able to update to this release from 2.x with the updater?

Nothing else to report.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Maybe it’s really an incompatibility issue with older rules but then CPF must warn users for this. Nor i had problems, i have never backuped rules and always rebooted the pc.

Well… I assumed that Jimpdx had not imported his previous rules. Otherwise he would have spotted the connection with the previous posts. Jimpdx?

This version causes a stop error message every time I try to start windows.

Ouch. What was the actual message dread? It may help the developers resolve it.

I have been able to import all of my rules using the posted script for all beta’s from on.

What I have to do is after each new install and reboot I right-click the icon in the sys tray and choose “Allow All” and then uncheck the “protect the settings rule”. I then merge the .reg file and then change the firewall back to “Custom” and it all works fine.

If I don’t change the firewall from Custom to Allow All then it will not let you write the registry file correctly as it is not turned off. Just unchecking the protect the firewall settings does not turn the firewall off. I used to get all kinds of weird stuff until I started doing the above procedure and now my life is boring because I never get any errors from the firewall anymore.

I’m running WinXPPro SP2 and AVG free at the moment. I know this works with CAVS installed also.



The firewall doesn’t allow the program (Gmail extension) to connect to the internet :frowning: This the problem.

This is an extension, not a runnable program.

Please fix it.

The program:

After a reboot the delay in GUI is gone… but there is still a slight delay when you open or close the GUI.

There is still problems with remembering…
I was cleaning the duplicate rules in application monitor and I noticed that if I just opened a rule and clicked ok it refreshed and removed the duplicate rules.

I do not remember the exact error, it was just a normal stop error message. It did not say what file. I got the dump file if anyone wants it.