COMODO Firewall Pro Skinning Tool (BETA) Launched

Hi Everyone,
Today we are introducing first step towards skinning CFP.
Enclosed ‘’ contains skinning tool.

Although tool is quite intuitive, here are few points:

  1. CFP V should be installed to be able to use this tool.
  2. You should login as admin or one with equivalent privileges.
  3. This tool works for 32-bit XP and Vista, will have 64-bit tool shortly.
  4. When you create a skin, it gets stored under ‘[CFP Installation Folder]/Themes/’.
  5. You can create a new skin out of any existing skins.
  6. ‘Default’ is the skin what you see in CFP.
  7. You can save a copy of an image through this.
  8. You can replace existing images, by right clicking on any image, when image is replaced, tool validates against type and size of image.
  9. By right clicking on any image you can also see it’s dimension, type and location in CFP.
  10. File names of replaced images are shown in red.
  11. Once a skin is created, you can go to ‘Miscellaneous->Settings->Themes’ tab and select the skin. For the skin to take effect, you must exit from cfp.exe and re-start it again.

At the moment it just facilitates you to replace images used in CFP, we are going to improve upon it to be able to change font and background colors in later versions.

Please let us know your feedback on this. Once we have polished version, we will have it as part of CFP setup.


EDITED on 15-Feb-2008

Hi Guys,
We have updated this tool to provide skin Export/Import functionality and have added help file also.
Now we can share skins as .skn file. Later in CFP we will provide an interface to import these skins. So that way for a user to use skins created by some other user, will not have to have this tool.

This way we can facilitate skins for other users in an easy manner.

Please try this and let us know your experience with it.

This tool can be accessed using following url and it has both 32-bit and 64-bit versions together with help file:


Grab it people :BNC (:CLP)

Please post back your skins to share with others!


Sure thing. (:TNG) Thank you Comodo (V)

mmmmmmmm, a skin with old CFW colors would be awsome,hihih.
Skinners… please,hahaha.

I’ll give it a try and do a Ragwing edition of Comodo Firewall Pro!


(It’s truly a shame that Firefox doesn’t recognize “Ragwing” and “Comodo” as valid words =/)

Please make the skinning of that disgusting systray icon your first priority.


Hmmm, how long will it be until there are some premade skins? This is a good tool. (V)

Melih said that when the skinning tool is released there will be skins made by Comodo :THNK But there were none (:SAD) Why ? :SMLR

I guess it’s because the tool is still in BETA, and therefore not officially released.

Messing Around with the Skin Maker … tryin’ to match my Windows Theme but i can’t figure out how to change the Titlebar to black and also the button for Miscellaneous seems Not be available in the Skin Editor (unless i’m blind) (:KWL) … Anyway …

[attachment deleted by admin]

[attachment deleted by admin]

I like your System Satus green icon :). Is there a way to also skin the white background?

How can I change the theme ? I mean, where should I put sniper.skn file ?

I think it’s [CFP Installation Folder]\Themes\


Commodus, You Need the Skinning Tool (Beta) to be able to use the .skn file… If You have already downloaded the tool, just open it and import the .skn using “import skin”… :-TU

According to the first Post they are working on making an import skin function into the Firewall UI but right now the only way is the beta tool…

I think According to Release Notes (First Post by Umesh)… We cannot change the background Yet… I did not try to anyway…

Thanks. (:WAV) BTW the skin is very nice :Beer

Nice skin!!!

welldone :slight_smile:


For now I gave up on skinning, a lot of things are still missing from the tool and even when manually editing config.ini - white backgrounds in main dialog, color of text in lists, dropdown lists and active buttons (like Add…), menus etc. - I figured out how to make the background in lists/input fields/dropdown lists black (yes, I want a black skin) but with a black text that can’t be changed… it’s sort of unusable :’(.

I’ll also wait before I do my skin. I also want to easily be able to change font color and background. Until it’s released, I’ll go ahead and (try to) make some nice icons in Paint to use ;D

can you pls help us by telling us all the features you would like to see in the skinning tool pls.