COMODO Firewall Pro Skinning Tool (BETA) Launched

I’ll add some I would like to see:

  • Change the color of everything (background, text…)
  • Change font style and size (and color like mentioend above)
  • Change the traybar icon and the right-click menu items
  • Change default size of GUI (width and height)
  • Change name to Ragwing’s Best Protection There Is 3.5? 88)


Revised: It now suites my theme better, Yet still not perrrrrfect… :THNK

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The most needed features:

  • possibility to change color of everything (background, text, highlights…)
  • possibility to change font styles
  • possibility to freely switch between BgTypes (BorderFill, ImageFile…)
  • possibility to modify cpwebvw.css and default.xml (don’t know what it does, but it’s in config.ini so it probably does something ;D)

Not so important, but would be nice:

  • possibility to set our own tray icon states (like installation mode, D+ disabled etc…)
  • possibility to rearrange position of buttons in GUI, or better make our own GUI layout
  • possibility to hide some parts of GUI (highlights, traffic, tip of the day…)

And now my biggest wish: a NO-SKIN mode = native win GUI mode

Nice job! Who is the ■■■■ in the picture? ;D

how do you import a skin,ive tried and the skin wont change from default?do i extract the skin to c:/docs &setting/comodo/user themes and import from there?if so i tried and wont work?

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You Need the Skinning Tool (Beta) to be able to use the .skn file… If You have already downloaded the tool, just open it and import the .skn using “import skin”… All Required Files will be copied to \Program Files\Comodo\Firewall\Themes… You can then close the skinning tool and select the skin from the Firewall Misc. Setting…

BTW… i just realized the .309 update gave me a misc.ico in the theme folder so now i can tweak that also… i want all my top icons round…

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i already have the skin tool and there is no theme folder in c;\program files\comodo\firewall,i select import- select the skin(downloaded & extracted skin in this post) it says importing skin and doesnt change the skin when i open cfp?

OK… When You Import The .skn file, Do the images open up in The Skinning Tool ?

no they dont its just a white screen

Ok… i had this problem when i was trying to import on one of my x86 (32-bit) VMware workstations earlier ( i use an x64 OS and therefore the x64 Skinning Tool even though i am sure this is Not the problem since after i manually restarted Comodo i was able to Import the .skn using the Tool )…

  1. Make sure Comodo Firewall is Not Blocking the Tool ( Either disable the Defense+ Temporarily before running the Tool or just check Trust Comodo Group products in the Advance Defense+ Settings (on by Default))…

  2. If it still does not import the .skn file, i have uploaded Sniper.rar… create a Folder named Themes in Your Firewall folder in Program Files and Extract the Sniper.rar into a folder named Sniper ie. ( \Program Files\Comodo\Firewall\Themes\Sniper )

Now go to the Misc Settings in Comodo Firewall and select the Skin call Sniper in the Drop Down Menu…

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followed all your instructions downloaded rar file and it worked,wow sweet lookin skin hey thanks alot for your help really appreciated

You’Re WelCome :■■■■

Excuse me, but… where can I get new skins?

where can i upload or download skins?

I would love a metallic TIGER or LEOPARD skin

■■■■■■, and here I was hoping for a CSS type editor for the interface. Well good efforts on giving us an icon & picture exporter, but I don’t think this could at it’s current state qualify for a skinning tool. We need to be able to change it all!
P.S. Don’t mind me I’m just picky is all.

What if you don’t want comodo to be skinned at all? How do you turn it off? I noticed that sometimes the skinning engine fails and the windows controls show, such as the titlebar.

Skins suck. They never match your windows theme. Keep It Simple, Stupid! No themes.

Simple: Don’t install it. Remember this is a BETA too.


Any news on the final version off this Tool?


Good call, Josh :-TU. I wondered about it, but forgot to ask.