Comodo Firewall Pro 3 Beta Release Date [Thread Closed]

For me the best Vista firewall to use in the meantime would be Kaspersky’s Security Suite.

The trial should give you a month’s use - hopefully by then Comodo will have some beta versions to test.

Hello the link v3 is multilanguage please ??? (comodo v3 ,french ,english etc)

Well I just found out something else… has a firewall that actually works in Vista… I am currently just using it as a trial. It definately doesnt do as good as a comodo firewall does, but it will work until the new comodo firewall is out :slight_smile:

64 bit support at last!

I’ve been waiting since before Christmas for this. :slight_smile:

Well until I can get my grubby little hands on the new Comodo, I am using a little firewall (freeware version) called “Vista Firewall Control” Windows 10 Firewall Control: Sphinx Software - it pretty basic, but does the job in the meantime.

Glad you guys are doing this.

Hello…where i can find the beta release?


Well, you’re already “in” this corner :stuck_out_tongue: ;D: beta corner. Just a matter of time.

As soyabeaner said, you will find the beta in this beta corner (16th of April will the first public beta of v3.0 be released)

Got It…i wan to test it…i have wXP Pro x64 SP2

Hi Guys PC Tools just launched a free firewall windows vista compatible… you can use that one until comodo releases v3…



Released: March 5, 2007 Size: 3,734 KB Platforms: Designed for Windows Vista™ 32-bit, XP, 2000 and Server 2003.

It´s just for Windows x32!!! not for x64.

Question: I’m running Xp MCE on a Turion ML-40 CPU. OS is 32 bit but CPU is 64 bit. I run the current release firewall and get a bluescreen on shutdown. I’m assuming this is due to the 64 bit CPU. Should it work or will I need to wait for the Version 3. Foaming at mouth.

btw, who supplies your caffine injections. I know a good source.

If you have 32 bit OS running on 64 bit hardware, it means that the firewall may run flawesly, please review your instalation, or maybe, i don´t know exactly what is XP MCE, your OS is not full supported.


Great, I’m off travelling on the 7th of April and need a firewall for the laptop until Comodo gets version 3 out.

Many thanks


award from 2005…

Keep up the good work. See you on April 16th : :BNC

I’m off to live in Australia on the 7th, could you bring it forward just for me please?



Thanks for a great FREE product.



Smart move evey! Welcome to God’s own country!

ewen :slight_smile:

Hmmm…the release date is not all that good for me…

I have to study for ma end semeseters :frowning:

I’ll start the “messing” with the firewall from 1st of May hopefully!!!