Comodo Firewall Pro 3 Beta Release Date [Thread Closed]

Just to let you know, we are aiming for 16th of April for the first beta.

this will be Vista and x64bit compatible, HIPS enabled, Malware slapping product :slight_smile:


[i]NOTES (edited by Soya):[/i]
The Beta will be downloadable in the [url=,40.0.html]CFP BETA Corner[/url] (in this board right here, right now :D), so you don't have to "sign up" in the traditional sense to be a beta tester. No date available at this time.

Any news of the Final will be in the Announcements board.

Well, I’m sure thousands of us will be sitting here just buying these doggy chew toys to chew on while we wait for the first release. I hoped it would be sooner, but we can’t always win eh? :slight_smile: Good job Melih and team.

Welcome to the forum, ravynne.

Sooner does not mean better. We’d rather have a polished version than a buggier one. (:WIN)

Hurray! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info Melih!


I guess i must use virtual machine and vista demo versions :P. But anyway, i got 32bit cpu only, shall i give it a try anyway?


Why, cruel world, why. ;;

Oh well. Take your time.

I’m looking forward to the 3rd version :Beer (:WAV)

can’t wait to see how the HIPS’s going on. (:CLP)

It means it will work on a 64bit machine. It doesn’t mean it wont work on a 32 bit one.

Out of interest what firewall are other people using on Vista in the meantime?

Surely not the cough built in Windows Firewall…

Initial reports would seem to suggest that that’s the case. Pity, 'cause outbound protection is disabled by default!!??!! Why bother having it if you’re not going to protect bi-directionally?

ewen :slight_smile:

I meant i can’t test it in a 64 bit enviroment, that’s all. I know it should work with a 32 bit cpu ;).

I have tried many other firewalls there that would be for xp only to find that they dont work with vista. So yes we are mostly using just the vist a firewall for now naked aura… I know there are a couple firewalls that would work with vista, but those programs looks poorly designed to be any use to us.

Even Zonelabs and the other big name brands dont have a firewall for vista.

Can’t you just work a bit faster ;), can’t wait until there is finally a good free firewall for windows :stuck_out_tongue:

see you on 16 avril

ok… Paulo… pls get some more Caffein Injections pls… we run out of the last batch…
Egemen… stop bleeding on the carpet… 23 more injections won’t hurt… honestly!!!


Sorry to hear that, won’t see you on the internet on the 16 avril but in the hospital then (:TNG)

When a new rev comes out, please provide upgrade method and what’s new. That would be nice and disregard this if you already planned to do it.

Whenever the first number bracket of a software version is increased, you know it’ll be a big update. I will clean uninstall this version (probably jot down my rules/settings) and install the new one to avoid potential unforeseeable problems; this has always been my preference.

If CPF 3 includes HIPS does this mean that the feature will be removed in CAVS?

if you run them together, then CPF will take over the HIPS functionality.
if you just run CAV then you will have HIPS.