COMODO Firewall Pro BETA with Threatcast Released![Locked]

Hi Guys,

I would like to announce the availability of COMODO Firewall Pro BETA with Threatcast feature.

This BETA release is intended for beta testers who would like to join the testing of the new feature called Threatcast.

Threatcast is a new, community based alert/popup management system to give statistics about the events based on community feebback.

Please check the attachment for an example TC enabled popup alert.

Download location:
32 bit edition only -


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Congrats to the Dev team for this Launch!

One thing i wanted to point out is that the DB will be filled up as people use and give their responses to alerts. So the quality of the stats/feedback will gradually get better.


I’ll go ahead and install it. I can’t say that I need this new feature, but it sounds like a great idea for people that don’t know if it’s safe or not to allow!


That is exactly what this is designed to do! Even if you don’t know what the heck is happening, you can most likely rely on others’ judgement :slight_smile:


Just post your feedback here.

I think Security Considerations should be the default tab just incase the threatcast ratings are wrong or hacked in some way the security considerations are always helpful. During the installation the password entry for an account is not **** like it should be.
Not sure what creating a threatcast account does yet. I guess when the site is up you can see your own stats.
If you pick “Treat as” will it be collected in some way is what i want to know.

This is for whoever is managing the threatcast service…be sure to reset the stats before the final release because beat testers may be playing around :D.

Another great innovation from the team at Comodo? let’s wait and see, i’m a little nervous to remove the latest version of V.3 ( which is working spot on) for an unproven Beta version…i’ll watch this space (J)

Installation went smooth! :BNC

I’ll be playing with it for now.

Thanks Comodo-Team!

Harry (:NRD)

the code base for this is same as the latest version of CPF. the only addition is the way the alerts are shown and the way it communicates with the central servers for stats. The only beta aspect of this is the threatcast side of it… its pretty safe bet :slight_smile:


I wanna try it Melih but it takes me hours to add all my 250 programs to Comodo. Wish the Import and Export setting worked. :THNK

Looks good so far. One little GUI bug for me


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After an hour in Paranoid Mode I had to change to CleanPC Mode to get some process in Defence+ they kept disappearing after reboot or logoff apart from that everything else is running fine including Threatcast it will be a great help for anybody who is not sure what to do with some alerts.
EDIT It appears Paranoid Mode is not the problem it is the fact that I run XP in a limited account and rules I write in this account are NOT being saved if I shutdown CPF3 then restart any new rules I have made in this account in Defence+ or Network are gone ???

Odd mine looks fine below

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I will try an uninstall and reinstall see if it clears up for me.


Thanks to Coolio :-TU, I have unlocked the permissions for regular (and Computer Security Testing members) to post in the Beta Corner.

Threads merged.

I installed it, as it said there was not much in the databases yet. It takes time to build.
Other problem that I had is the report that the firewall find a new network ( and requested me to join or to register the network in the firewall. Should I or shouldn’t I register this to the firewall?
The internet connection is run well though, I tried to check at whois but I didn’t get a clear idea at this dns.
The easiest way for me was to go back to the old version without the threatcast, until I get a clear guide from Comodo for this issue.
Best REgards.

Nope, it is still the same after 2 uninstalls and reinstalls, with reg cleaning and reboots in between.

XP Home 32 Bit,
CFP, Avast 4.8, BoClean, CMF.

This morning all is fine. I guess it took the third reboot! -John

Your “new network” is a default self-assigned address from your computer, often because you are unable to access a dhcp server. But you say your internet connection is working fine. Are you an ICS server? What is your network configuration? You can go to miscellaneous/settings/general and uncheck “automatically detect new networks”

3.0.22 won’t import pre-3.0.22 rules sets and configs. :cry:

I have no fancy network at home, I just use the SMC Barricade ADSL modem router and I enable the local DHCP where the DNS address is different with this one. The 169 is register in US, I thought that is from the threatcast community network, but I am not sure so I choose to uninstall it at the moment.
I also not in ICS server, I am not a fan of chatting…

Best REgards.

Could be the 169.254.x.x address is used to accumulate the threatcast data, but no info on that yet from the developers. ???