Comodo Firewall freezes System after Startup


is installed the latest Version of the free Comodo Firewall (Version Number not mentioned on Website, but it propably is 2011). I have Windows XP x64 SP2, Windows Firewall deaktivated and use free Avira Antivir.

After booting windows runs for approximately 2 min, then the whole system freezes … also ALT+CTRL+DEL is not working any more. When i deactivate loading Comodo Firewall at the startup nothing changes … same freeze.

Please Help !


By the way: i already read some threads here concerning this problem, but there was no real solution in this threads. One suggestion was to try to turn off DHCP, but i need DHCP.

The version number can be found under More → About. What version are you using.

Does this happen with every reboot or just the first reboot?

You probably deactivated the client, cfp.exe, and that indeed will not help.

Can you take a look in the Summary screen and see how many files are being sandboxed? When you see files in the sandbox go to Unrecognised Files, select the files you know and trust and move them to Trusted Files and reboot. Then report back.

Hello, thx for help.

Freeze happens every time i start windows.

My version is:

I tried to find the sandboxed files, but sandbox seems to be turned off. I also could turn off defence+, but this didn’t solve the problem. I coundn’t do more because then the system froze again.

If i boot windows in save mode and go the System Control → System → Device Manager and disable the Comodo Network Adapters no freeze happens any more at startup. But of course i can’t use the internet then.

And a second thing: at the first start Comodo scans for network connections, also finds my two networks and ask me to give them a name. Then i click OK and the same window comes again, saying that new connections where found … but these found networks are the same that where detected and named just before. So canceled this.

The Problem seems to have to do with the Network Adapters.


What other security programs are running at the same time? Try disabling them.

May be left overs of previously uninstalled security programs are acting up. Try using removal tools for those programs. Here is a list of removal tools for common av programs: ESET Knowledgebase .

Otherwise do a Google search with terms “removal tool” and * name of product or vendor*.

Some years ago i had Kaspersky installed so i ran the Kaspersky removal tool as you suggested.

Currently i have only Windows Firewall and free Antivir. With both turned off + executed kaspersky removal tool the problem still remains.

When you say “disable the Comodo Network Adapters” do you mean you disabled the CIS driver in the properties of the network connection? See attached image.

How are you connecting to the web? What type of connection?

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i mean the network adapters in the device manager … see image. In that image comodo is not installed. When it is installed, additional network adapters are shown with “comodo” in their names. If i disable the comodo-related adapters, comodo doesn’t cause a freeze at startup … but of course there is no internet connection then.

I am connected to the internet by a proxy server with DHCP.

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You said:

…using proxy server…

Your intent is to circumvent the proxy server? You inherited a server from who knows whom and you wnt to secure what you’ gots, eh?

What server are was your predecessor running?


no my intent is not to circumvent the proxy server but my pc is part of a big LAN with a lot of people i don’t know. That’s the primary reason for setting up a firewall.

To get a bit more of a finger behind where the problem is can you try the following one by one.

Install the firewall and when asked to reboot don’t do that yet. Open the user interface and tick Deactivate Defense+ permanently (Requires a system restart) → Ok. Now reboot and see what happens. When the freeze is gone we know it is related to D+.

Next step. Disable the Firewall either from the systray or from the Firewall Behaviour Settings. When time is too short to get this done while Windows is booted do it while in Safe Mode. Let us know if this helps or not.

On as side note. Do you see the Comodo related drivers under Network Adapters or Non Plug and Play drivers? Can you post a screenshot?

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I couldn’t do what you requested, because after I installed comodo, the system froze after approx. 1 minute … even without restarting !

I see the comodo related adapters under network adapters.

Image 1 are the network adapters without comodo installed.

Images 2 are the network adapters with comodo installed, but disabled comodo-related adapters to prevent a system freeze.

In both cases “show hidden devices” was turned on.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Are you willing to try enabling adapters one by one to see which one is causing the conflict with the firewall?

hi there … i have the same problem, my win7 ultimate 64 freezes on startup and afert few hours, i found the reason … it is the service

comodo internet security helper service …

everytime i disable this service, system is booting normally withoug freeze … but when i reactivate that service, system is freezing again …

but i do not really know what to do, to solve this problem … my version numer is 5.0163652.1142

hope someone can help me what to do

do you have anyother security software active? Having two antivirus software with realtime protection/scanner can cause unknown problems.

Do you have many programs installed? You need to wait and see if defense+ gives any pop up. Sometimes it’s good to let the computer to do what’s doing; unknown programs will give up pop ups from defense+

Valentin N

thx for your answer

i only have avg antivirus and comodo firewall installed. i dont have many programs installed, cause due to the freeze-problem i set up my computer again a few days ago. freezes are back again since 2 days …

Have you disabled Windows Defender in the Services?

windows defender is deactivated via xp-antispy … windows defender was running before … but i disabled it, but the freeze is still here

I strongly recommend you to uninstall AVG; I have seen in this forums that there are incompatibilities between AVG and CIS Avast is good alternative in case you don’t want to run CAV.

the newest version of AVG is causing problem in general and it makes the computer freeze and so on.

Valentin N

well, i uninstalled avg antivirus … but freeze problem still not solved …

then i uninstalled comodo firewall … and reinstalled it … freeze problem is gone

then i reinstalled avg antivirus again … everything still works fine

well, let’s see how long it will take that this freeze problem comes back again … but i hope it wont come back :slight_smile: