Comodo Firewall and Spysweeper Problems

Currently have firewall ver. 3.8.64739.471
Suddenly my Webroot Spysweeper is taking 8 hrs to do a scan. Never happened before.
I know the problem is with the firewall because I completley uninstalled it and the scan then only took 10 min.
Reinstalled Comodo firewall and again the Spysweeper scan has slowed to a complete crawl.
I also un/reinstall the Spysweeper…no change. Exiting firewall makes no difference.
Any suggestions?
Thank you all !!

OK…Regretably I had to uninstall the Comodo firewall that I had been using for years. Apparently the firewall was also not letting the Webroot Spysweeper function in real-time either…no cookies/spyware were being removed real-time.
I resorted to downloading free PCTools Firewall Plus… Maybe the experts at Comodo will fix the problem.

Has anybody found the problem with Comodo firewall not letting Spysweeper work please…?

I have the same problem. Spy Sweeper scans with CIS ver. 3.8.64739.471 would take FOREVER (if I waited that long). Running on: Windows XP pro 32-bit SP3 (Fully updated). No matter if I disable all of CIS, it is still ■■■■■■■-up.
Funny thing is A-Squared runs fine.

Yea kingkiwi…I have the same system as you . 32 bit / XP SP3 and Spysweeper just wont work with CFP 3.8.64739.471. I hope they can fix it because I have had the CFP for a few years and love it. I had to uninstall it and install PC Tools free Firewall Plus. I would much rather have the Comodo and I am very happy with Spysweeper I have had for years also.
I hope the PC Tools firewall is good.

Dev’s have identified the bug, and this will be fixed in the next release, keep an eye on the forum for when it will be released, my guess is this week…

Amen to that.

Yes Ronny…please let us know when the bug is fixed for SpySweeper compatability so I can switch right back to my favorite firewall…COMODO

[quote]the firewall was also not letting the Webroot Spysweeper function in real-time [/quote

Just curious, why don’t you use “BOClean”, malwarebytes, or superantispyware?

Where do the devs usually post info like that? Sorry…but I’ve kinda lost my “tabs” on the forum. I used to read everything, but recently the forums seemed to have gotten busier… :THNK

It’s here Jeremy:

At last! I thought I was the only person on the planet with this issue.

Since updating CFP to v3.8 (from v3.5), I have been unable to complete a Spy Sweeper (v6.0.2 or v6.1.0) scan.
E.G. SS scan apparently only half way through after 13 hours, whereas it would normally have completed in under 40 minutes with CFP v3.5.
Exit/disable of CFP v3.8 does not allow SS to complete a scan either. The ONLY way I can get SS to make a successful scan is to completely uninstall CFP v3.8
I’ve spent a large amount of three days uninstalling and reinstalling both CFP and SS in various combinations, but without any luck.

If I cannot get a solution soon, I’m going to have to downgrade CFP to v3.5, as I’m not convinced that SS is providing live protection with CFP v3.8 installed.

I’ve logged this issue with Webroot. They told me:
“We are currently unaware with any problems/conflicts with Spy Sweeper and CFP.” - 02/20/2009 02.42 AM


…Are they aware of it or not ???

MostlyHarmless, could try to do the “Disable D+ permanently” on the D+ Settings tab.

And yes it’s fixed, not released in a new version yet, which i expect this/next week.

If the known bug is fixed regarding CFP and SpySweeper conflict, does that mean I can install Comodo again, or do I wait for the next version?
Thanks buddy !! :comodorocks:

You’ll have to wait for the next version.

Well, disabling Defense+ permanently, worked (Defense+ > Advanced > Defense+ Settings > Deactivate the Defense+ permanently). But I’ve got to say it galled me having to do so. What’s the point of having an all singing, all dancing firewall, if it won’t dance to your tune?

Anyhow, SS is back to completing my Custom Sweeps in a respectable 40ish minutes.

This is not the first time I’ve fallen foul of updating CFP as soon as a new version is released. I’d normally give it a couple of weeks for bug-fix revisions to come out after any major version release - I’m just too trusting, I guess.

Let’s hope yesterday’s CFP offering will play nicely with Spy Sweeper. I’ll let you know.

Comodo Firewall Pro - Version 3.8.65951.477 : 26th Feb, 2009
FIXED! Defense+ conflicts with certain security applications “O rly?”

Download 477: .


I just cannot waste any more time with this problem. I pay for Spy Sweeper. I’m just going to have to look for an alternative free firewall. It’s a shame; CFP has severed me well since 2.x

I think CIS is better than Spy Sweeper. Just stop paying for Spy Sweeper and uninstall it. :stuck_out_tongue: