Comodo Firewall and Spysweeper Problems

Same issue here. Current updates of both Comodo and Spy Sweeper installed. I had SS sweep overnight; it was still working this morning, which renders it useless for my purposes. Before the recent update it swept in less than 10 minutes. I hope Comodo can solve this, or I’ll have to try a different firewall.


the same problem here. When I had CIS v. 3.5x (installed without antivirus), the scan took cca 20 minutes. When I yesterday updated to the version 3.8.x.477, the scan tooks forever. I hope this will be fixed soon. Thanks

The same here, nothing is fixed. Proactive defense plus has to be deactivated for the system to run smoothly with others antimalwares active.

Is CIS really better then Spysweeper? I also have Avira antivirus and CFP (untill the conflict came about)
If someone here can say that CIS is now better than SpySweeper with Avira, then I will switch to the full CIS suite
Thank You ;D

AFAIK, SpySweeper (I’ll call it “SS”) replies on a blacklist. And there are, of course, many malicious files that any detection-based security program like SS will miss.

But CIS is different: Not only does it have a blacklist, but it also has a HIPS. If you know how to use it, this can be very powerful.
Plus, CIS has a firewall which I doubt SS has.
And CIS has another feature: buffer overflow protection. Not many security apps have this, and SS most likely doesn’t either.

So in my opinion, CIS beats SS by a long shot.

Hi jeremysbot.

Just a dumb Q. Where is the HIPS integrated into CIS; AV, antimalware, firewall, or D+ ? What I mean is if only the firewall is installed, without D+, Do I still have HIPS or do I need to have D+ activated ?

Thank you.

The HIPS is called “Defense+”, but I think it won’t be integrated if you choose not to install the firewall.

Thank you. Just making sure.

Installing “Comodo antivirus” will install AV and D+ with a reduced set of stuff to check.
D+ is installed always to “protect” CIS install and functioning from being attacked by malware.

See screenshot for the “AV” only install.

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Oops, thanks. I never installed just the AV, so I wasn’t sure. :slight_smile:

No prob, everyday you learn :wink: and that also counts for me :-))

This is my latest correspondence from Webroot re the compatibility issues between CFP and Spy Sweeper:

03/02/2009 10.17 AM
[i]We were able to replicate the issue* and I am going to pass it to the developer. At this stage I am unsure whether some actions need to be taken by our developers of by the developers of the Comodo Firewall. I will let the developers check, even though, in my opinion could be something that is due to the update of Comodo.

I found a workaround, and that is by deactivating Defense+ completely - this requires a reboot (even disabling this feature in the settings does not solve the incompatibility). To do so, you will need to open Comodo interface-> Click on Defense+ → Click on Advanced → In the General Settings tag tick on 'deactivate defense+ (requires a system restart).[/i]

[*SS scans which don’t complete whilst CFP’s Defense+ is enabled.]

So, I’m faced with either deactivating an integral part of CFP’s protection, or dumping it for something new.
SS stays: I pay for it, and it’s my frontline antispyware program.

I found a link for downloading the last release of v3.5 in the thread ‘Download previous version of CIS?’

Thanks for the info. We have to observe how will continue/develope the dialog between SpySweeper and Comodo. So far we have to downgrade the CIS (as you write in your posts) or deactivate Defence+ when we want to scan computer…

I’ll inform Egemen on this post also, so we can get rid of this nasty bug soon :slight_smile:

Ok there was a BSOD with SpySweeper with the previous CIS versions(APC_INDEX_MISMATCH). That should be fixed. This speed problem is new. We will investigate it and see what the problem can be.

Hi Egemen.

It is not only endless scan and BSOD. That might be happening with Vista; however, with XP, Windows ( control Panel takes almost 10 minutes to show all the icons ) and third apps ( Creative, DivX, and even IE ) take too much time to open and do not respond or do not want to close. If I deactivate D+ or uninstall SS in 3.8, everything works OK. Unfortunately there are not error logs and Diagnostic reports all in order. I am currently using 3.5 that runs fantastic with my system, but I would like to continue using CFP in the future. For more info read my post:

My comp system is what is stated in my signature.

Thank you

Hi people.

Too quite at the front. :-X No news is good news??? Are we expecting a solution to this CFP D+ and SS incompatibility issue??? Yes, no, may be ?? :-\

I am still using 3.5. Some one else found a solution to upgrade to 3.8 ???

Only the devs know (and they can be very quiet 88)). Unless they have been “dribbling” some info to the mods. :stuck_out_tongue:

sigh Is the incompatibility between CFP 3.8 D+ and SpySweeper likely to be addressed any day soon?
I’ve recommended CFP to my friends! Many of whom are experiencing scan issues with their various third party security products.

The 26th Feb CFP revision promised: “FIXED! Defense+ conflicts with certain security applications.” hmmm, didn’t work for SS6.1.0, which is why I had to downgrade to CFP 3.5. A version which is no longer supported??