COMODO Firewall has been released !!!

Check for updates guys. There is a new version of Comodo CFP 3 ! Hope this update will be smooth (:KWL)


* FIXED! Import functionality does not work correctly
* FIXED! Logging does not work for "Allow" rules
* FIXED! Duplicate entries are created for some applications with 8.3 path names
* FIXED! Logoff/Login stops the functionality of some applications


Updates flawless :BNC

No 8.3 disaster.

Updates OK. Appears to work.

I still had to turn off UAC to update so two extra restarts required. Please can this be fixed. I still can’t export settings with UAC on.

Hi all,
my congratulations for these very good firewall. I’ve got the update to !

I’d like to say my only 1 doubt about it … on my PC the GUI seems to be very SLOW in redrawing application windows, open dialog windows and drawing the content … … this did not happen with previous versions, I’m not sure if it was the 2.4 version that I first tryed, maybe yes. When I re-installed windows XP I set up the last version, then the online update made his job.

my PC:
Athlon64 3500+, Abit AX8, 1 GB ram DDR400, XP Pro.

Blame vista, not comodo. Comodo cannot bypass vista :D.

I do not have this problem on vista…

Thank you for this. I like this Firewall, but became frustrated when, after updating to ver, I had to reset all my port settings for eMule, and still have to sit watching whilst Comodo proceeds to “relearn” all the applications on my PC - all of which were there before the “upgrade/bug fix/whatever was the reason for this new ver”.
If I install 3.18.309, am I going to have to go through this process again, even though the numbering suggests this is a minor “upgrade”?
Is there any way I could “port over” settings from one version of Comodo to the next, in order to avoid this, please?
TIA for response, and thanx for an otherwise excellent product,

You’re not alone, Melih and the Comodo staff are aware of this and they will hopefully have a fix soon.

The installer is several megabytes larger, I’m interested in knowing why!


Yeah, I noticed that too. 5 MB larger, thou the full install is only 2 MB bigger :THNK

couldnt install cfp.exe on vista premium…uac problem?

Ah OK, we hope so.
thanks ! (:WIN)

great, more allow/not allow clicks to do. Comodo should come with a new mouse with each update.

I had one restart with my update, no importing/exporting/resetting of the config. I restarted and picked up where I left off. Very painless update.

Vista Ult 32-bit (UAC off)

hello, how to config mIRC rule to got an ident response?
i set mIRC allow any ip tcp in / source port 113 and destination port any
then source port any and destination port 113 but it doesnt work.
i dont know how to set the firewall to got an ident response, if anyone can help me, thanks.

OS is vista SP1.

The past two releases have not had large lists of changes and yet the installation package has gone from less than 9Mb to 20Mb! What the heck? This is sloppy and near as I can tell, needless. Two more bug fixes and will this be 50Mb? Much like the interface and the whole Defense+/Malware scanner silliness, Comodo is bloating and needs to regain some focus.

where is the prob about the install size? the firewall uses 3mega and the agent service 3 mega too in vista, is it too many for your system?

I would also love to know what is going on…

Could Melih, &/or Egeman, &/or someone else from Comodo…,
…Please answer why this has happened?..

Thank You Very Much,


It may have escaped your attention, or this may have been your first CFP V3 installs, but did either of you notice that the latest two release were the first to contain the built in on demand malware scanner? :wink:

I don’t know what you think would be a reasonable size for an on demand AV engine, but, to me, 11MB is quite reasonable.

20 - 9 = ???

Ewen :slight_smile: