Comodo Firewall has been released!

(:CLP) This new version is even better than previous one! Amazing! It is more discrete with few questions but still stable and efficient.

Congrats to Comodo! (B) (L)

These installation problems simply must be fixed. There is no valid excuse for forcing users to uninstall, reinstall, backup registry settings, and jump through a bunch of hoops just to make Windows recognize CPF. Overall, I think it’s a very nice product, but fixing these problems need to become Comodo’s highest priority.

Of course it’s Comodo’s highest priority, I don’t think they like bugs in their programs :slight_smile:

A new version will be released on tuesday!

As we mentioned few times before in few other posts, there will be a fix for this bug on tuesday.


We have fixed error 108 during update, had a problem on our update server side. It has been fixed on Sep 04, 2006 at 7:30 GMT.
Please try to take updates again.

Has the problem with slow boot times also been fixed? I don’t want to update to the new release if it’s going to add two minutes to my boot times. My boot times are already too slow, in my opinion.

On the previous page of this topic Melih said…

… It was a reply to your post. So, he had to be talking about your issue or is the “slow boot times” something different?

My Launchpad Icon has no “Option” selection…

[attachment deleted by admin]

Then you have the older version of Launch Pad… What version of CPF do you have?

ummm… the version that we are all talking about in this thread.


Can you check the launchpad version. The latest is If it is a version less than this you should check for updates. The launchpad update was seperate to the firewall update, so updating to the new firewall wouldn’t have given you the new launchpad.


Thank you, sir. I replaced ZoneAlarm on two of my networked computers with your firewall, and I think it’s a fine piece of work. I enjoy the flexibility your rules editor has allowed. Will be installing on the rest.


FYI: We have completely removed CLP from now on. The CPF setups starting from tomorrow, will not have CLP at all.


Excellent! (:CLP)

(:CLP) Happy Thoughts (:CLP)

It is tuesday, is this newer version with the bug fixes out?

cheers, rotty

Man, you gotta be somewhere a long way away ;D. It is only 9:45 PM here in the US, and they most likely will not post the new update till after 1:00 PM tomorrow. My time that is ;D.

(B) Lee

I’m in australia it is 5th of september 2006 (A tuesday) , 1:29 PM here.

cheers, rotty

Would I be correct to assume we have to uninstall the pre-update version completely in order to remove CLP? Or will the update simply uninstall it?

Thank you,


Update will not touch the installed software. But the setup will not have CLP from now on.