COMODO Faster Master 4.0 BETA Released!!!


We are happy to announce the launch of COMODO Faster Master 4.0 Beta - FREE.
CFM is now the new name for the old COMODO System-Cleaner, and it contains all the tools that you are used to in CSC:

  • Registry Cleaner

  • Privacy Cleaner

  • Disk Cleaner

  • Shredder

  • Force Delete

  • Autoruns Manager

  • Registry Defragmenter

  • Profile based scan and clean

  • Scan and Clean schedule

    We consider this name change as a new begining for this product, and a oportunity to make it more than just a computer cleaner.

    There will be a FREE and a PRO version for this product.

    The PRO version will contain :

  • Instant Scan

  • Active Clean

  • Safe Delete

  • Registry Protection

  • Advanced Features on Autoruns Mananager:
    - load time measurement
    - change priority of startup applications
    - faster load times of all autoruns categories
    - Integrated safe delete for remove operations of Autorun Manager

  • Analize registry fragmentation on the fly

  • Windows boot time measurement

and will be available for review and testing as a RC soon.

CFM Free details:

Knows issues:

None that we know of

Bug Reports:

Please use to report your bugs. Our moderators collect these bugs and submit them to the devs.

BETA NOTICE: This product is intended for special users (BETA Testers) who would like to join the testing process. It may contain major bugs that could cause serious problems and not be suitable for your everyday use yet. Please do not use it in your production machines.

Download Locations:

Setup for Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 2003 Server 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows XP 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 2008 Server 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit:

FREE version:
Size : 12,1 MB (12.758.368 bytes)
MD5 : 1889b7f354d16d9735c62db6ab9339c8
SHA1 : e00e8062d4bc75e4a228794576d9af7b74b5507c

Portable FREE version 32 bit:
Size : 6,51 MB (6.829.142 bytes)
MD5 : eb842c8c09e9167af3b05f8e5d77b3da
SHA1 : 0f438ee71c4ac6f203b7cbb9181cce6547628a00

Portable FREE version 64 bit:
Size : 7,44 MB (7.803.499 bytes)
MD5 : 2eae7b68b792eff8dc2e84465fd2233f
SHA1 : bee7918ae1b971abb1add491904bca78696fd752

My experience with CSC was sometimes unpleasant - it would suddenly occupy 100% CPU rate. I’ll give a try to CFM, I hope it will be OK. Btw I find the old name more pleasant.

Any chance of reconciliation vs reported Beta bugs?

Best wishes


You should put “beta” in the topic name and also change the name of “Comodo System Cleaner” to “Comodo Faster Master” under “Desktop Utilities & Services”.

Oh, yeah…great job, guys! :-TU

Well, that one seems to be more elaborated then CSC. I’m going to love it more then other cleaners. Autorun Manager is lovely, Registry Cleaner and Privacy Cleaner are superb!

Subject and Board name changed, will change the rest of the boards once CFM goes final.


Must the old CSC Version uninstalled or can i install it over the old one

This BETA won’t replace the old CSC, only the final release will do that. So please uninstall CSC before testing.

good work guys!

Bit confused which/what 4.0 Beta is this (seem to be two), what’s fixed and what not?

Best wishes


Oooo, a new toy! I tried numerous versions of CSC and the only one that functioned properly on my machines was v2.2.335611.5. I hope this new version of Faster Master will be the cat’s meow! Looking forward to trying it in a few weeks. :slight_smile:

please do let us know your feedback…most interested…
thank you

Really do need a fix list.

It really will help people…

Best wishes

Ehen will you Release the Final Version of it and thank you very much for your info

We modified quite a lot of code in CFM . Even if it looks like the old CSC, what’s underneath it’s mostly changed. We tried to address all the bugs reported in the old version. So because we see this as a new version, I didn’t posted a "what’s fixed " list. If bugs are found, I’ll post this list starting with the next release.

OK pretty clean slate, I understand, and will therefore consider installation.


congrats. this seems to be a big improvement to the previous release

clean_validator is now not using a lot of cpu like in previous builds but is taking a lot of ram. idk if its a bug

EDIT: clean_validator was taking a lot of ram because i ran the registry cleaner and it wasnt able to delete everything and asked for a reboot. after i rebooted ram is at about 7mb

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Thank you :). Finally able to run and use CFM on my 1.2 GHz tablet without any problems. Good work :-TU.

Sorry, I know it’s just a name but COMODO Faster Master sounds too cheesy :-[. I think COMODO Desktop Utilities sounds better.


since there is no wishlist topic i will write it here

instead of having a built in autorun manager. comodo should integrate the autoruns from CCE and change the name from autoruns to comodo autorun manager.

Yeah, one can feel that CFM works different then CSC. :-TU

Really Faster Master sounds like a limerick.

To developers:
What the hell Cleaner_Validator doing in RAM when I don’t use CFM? I didn’t assign any service to CFM. Is it that the old story of resource hog CSC returns?