Comodo EasyVPN BETA Wishlist

Post Your Wishes :slight_smile:

I wish for EasyVPN to support multiple connections to a remote desktop.

For example 2 or more people can connect to remote PC and view it’s desktop and chat at the same time.

I Wish that EasyVPN would have Tabbed chat windows, Optional alerts\sound if a user joins a channel or signs in.
Options to specify what sections of the computer are not acccesible during a remote support session.

I wish there is a way for you to remotely connect to a computer that is online without them needing to press accept but still be prompted with a password in order to access the computer. Example would be akin to

Building off of that, sometime down the future I would love to see an Ipod touch app capable of remote control/chat functionality.

Alot to ask, but this product is freaking sweet.

An OSX Client would be very much appreciated.

D+ can do that - see My Blocked Files. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

Few questions:

  1. Will EasyVPN be a server/client app or something similar?

  2. How many concurrent connections will be allowed?

  3. Will EasyVPN allow transparent tunneling?

  4. Will EasyVPN allow internet-traffic to be routed out the egress point while being stateful. Eg through the tunnel and back out to the Internet?

  5. Do I understand the EasyVPN concept right :slight_smile:

On local LAN it is direct - app to app. On a WAN it can be either direct app to app, or it could be relayed (via a Comodo intermediate server)

2. How many concurrent connections will be allowed?

I’ve had six with no discernible loss.

3. Will EasyVPN allow transparent tunneling?

What exactly do you mean?

4. Will EasyVPN allow internet-traffic to be routed out the egress point while being stateful. Eg through the tunnel and back out to the Internet?


5. Do I understand the EasyVPN concept right :)

Think Hamachi with IM, file transfer, grouping and remote access built in, all over a secure encrypted connection.

It’s the duck’s nuts mate!

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. How’s bub going? Walking yet?

Transparent tunneling means some traffic is tunneled, some not.

The “Bub” is all over the place. He’s not just walking, he’s running. Especially at diaper change. The invention of the daycare center is only surpassed by the wheel. Gotta luv it :slight_smile:

Please add VOICE CHAT. I’m sure many users would love that. I’ll finally be able to uninstall Hamachi, Yahoo IM, and Skype :slight_smile: . Thank you.

:open_mouth: that would be very good!

HI developers!, I just want to say it is a nice and clean application!


  • Maybe add some videoconferencing abbility

  • abbility to take snapshots for later reviews

  • real-time file synchronization/file sharing/ support for folders in the cloud if the machines are off…

  • I would like to see more privacy/security options, like adding pincode/password when 2 people are going to share files over a network… so only people who know the password/code can share files…

  • the abbilty to create different networks, with its own privacy/network rules

  • more visual styling abilities…

  • more advanced chat logging/export

  • maybe some voip capabilities/ call a contact?/ voice conferencing?

  • Resizable gui (chat windows and stuff)

  • ability to import own stuff in the program, like smileys and skins and stuff

  • chat windows should let you views pics, music in the windows it self

  • bandwidth control options

  • support for different encryption algorithms

  • maybe some wake on lan functions

  • the program needs more settings (define your own default storage paths and stuff…)

  • the ability to change between different connections (wireless/cable)

  • ability to send a message when a contact is offline

  • the ability to log in from different locations

  • Somehow to using remote desktop, without having to create an account for every pc in your network… maybe having some kind of trusted network, were all pc’s are trusted ? somekind of trusted zone?

I wish for an internet page or browser where you can find public COMODO networks for games that you want to play through LAN (Virtual Private Network).

Or where you can post youre network so other people that play the same game could join.

A “Server List” with a search feature :-TU

I don’t know about turning it into a device to connect you with other players… Each game that is released provides it’s own and 99.9% of the players use it.

Could someone explain what this software is supposed to do? As I understand it, it (the software) is supposed to create a secure virtual LAN connection from another network over the Internet. (like I was inside of my home network able to see and change and use my networks resources) If so I must not be configuring it correctly, as I cannot connect to my network drive while on another (away from home) wireless connection… if that is the case can someone provide instructions???


Scenario: I am going to travel across the country and want to keep up with my email and perhaps do some online shopping while “out there”. Of course I want the utmost security while doing so. Vouching for the security of ssome of th wifi hotspots I might encounter is iffy at best!!!

Using Hamachi and TightVNC, I can VPN to my home machine and, with secure login, VNC control of my home computer to satisfy the above scenario.

As mentioned by Budda, EVPN cannot be used because it has no way to VNC without a manual “accept” on the home machine.

Other than that EVPN is really neat, and a valuable simplification for VPN/VNC operations.

+1 bazillion on auto accept for known/approved connections.

Ammyy ( uses this method where, once a connection is manually established between A and B, B can configure the remote client to automatically accept future connections requests from A.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Ammyy looks interesting, but I get a warm fuzzy feeling when I have a VPN tunnel.

It doesn’t look like Ammyy has anything but encryption.

I know, I was only commenting on how Ammyy manages autoconnections between known, trusted parties - they have to be accepted at least once to allow future unaccompanied connections. I think this should be added to EasyVPN, I wasn’t suggesting Ammyy as a replacement for it.

Couldn’t have you going without your warm fuzzies, could we. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S> Of course you can always run Ammyy over the Easy VPN tunnel. :wink:


Now we’re back to simplification. Hamachi and Tight VNC are equivalent, and “tried and true”.

My point, obviously, was – like Budda’s and now yours - is to add the functionality to EVPN!!!