COMODO EasyVPN 1.0.58165.43 BETA Released! [Locked]

Hi Guys,

We have an exciting news. We have just released COMODO EasyVPN 1.0.58165.43 BETA!

What is COMODO EasyVPN?

EasyVPN is our zero configuration P2P VPN and Instant Messenger client which is capable of:

  • Establishing direct and secure VPN connections between computers
  • Establishing connections between the computers behind NATs
  • Simulating Local Area Network over Internet

EasyVPN is also a cool instant messenger client with which:

  • You can send/receive instant messages
  • You can send/receive files
  • You can use remote desktop control to access other PCs
  • You can have secure and encrypted instant messaging by default

Download Locations

32 Bit
Size: 4.3MB (4 462 080 bytes)
MD5: 58a54f9fac1c5f49d3cbe6fd8e6dbf9b
SHA1: edff2696bee8e890662a6e7889d93ec6071bcf60

64 Bit
Size: 5.6MB (5 833 216 bytes)
MD5: 5a8297baf8672d6f8639d2afae444358
SHA1: 67eb0bc86418eb1f7b6ccaed409b3c48a5fa3f10


Good news ! thank you (R)

Thanks egemen

Interesting i will try it.


Very, very nice app. This will be ideal for remote support (AKA brain surgery by correspondence)!!

Ewen :slight_smile:

I must say a big Congratulations to the development team!

They have done an excellent Job!

This is simply an amazing product full of features that make life much much easier. One click VPN , Secure Instant Messaging and Secure Remote Desktop packed into this package! Nicely done!!!

now, lets get the bugs out of the way and launch this baby :slight_smile:


Very Nice Release :slight_smile:

Just think i just finished this part of my website



One thing I’d like to see added is for there to be some sort of authentication/acceptance when adding a contact. Melih, please see PM for further info.

Ewen :slight_smile:

This isn’t like TrustConnect which secures the connection from the PC to some servers? If it is just for having secure connection between PCs, why would you need that?

Nice program. Thanks!!

Harry (:CLP)

I am trying this one out. I have installed on two of my computers. I can do the chat thing ok. I can send a request for desktop control, and accept ok. But then I am not sure where to go to see the remote computer desktop. No doubt this is operator error. What am I doing wrong?

This is for secure traffic between two trusted points over an untrusted infrastructure (the internet). You can use it for secure trasfer for work purposes or for secure LAN to LAN connections ( think Hamachi and you’re close to the mark). Great for internet gaming. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

Great news. Any plans to be able to use MSN\Yahoo\AIM\IRC etc?

By the way - if anyone wants to test this out just add me :slight_smile: kyle142

Oh ok. Like those secret alien invasion plans I want to share with a fellow alien? Ooops :-X.

Well, I already have Live Mesh for my needs (syncs files/folders with other PCs, Macs, and some moble thingies, stores up to 5GB of them on a server if you want, and can remotely access a desktop). Though it is a bit heavy on resources.

This (along with several other great features) is in the development plans, but there is no timeline as yet.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Great application. :-TU

What about adding two more chat options?

  • Multi user chat without joining a shared network
  • chat lounge(channels) with optional password protection without joining a shared network[


Is EasyVPN a freeware or will Comodo charge for it? I seem to find no information about it in the announcement.

I think it will stay free. :THNK

I believe that they will keep it free, and they will add a paid ver for business type features