Comodo Dragon Version released.

Hello everyone,

We’re very pleased to announce the release of Comodo Dragon Version

What’s new for Dragon?

  • Chromium code base has been updated to version 50.
  • A IP/DNS leakage detector feature has been added. IP / DNS Leakage
    Detector helps you to see what information can be seen by the web sites
    that you visit. In these web sites, site owners, advertisers, widgets
    can track and collect these information.
  • Disabling WebRTC as a built-in feature has been added. Comodo Dragon helps users to enable and disable WebRTC by a built-in option. Disabling WebRTC feature is listed under the Security section in Settings page. By unchecking the option, you’ll be able to disable WebRTC. After option is unchecked, tab has to be closed closed and re-opened to disable WebRTC in the active tabs. WebRTC comes enabled by default

Download Path

Dragon v50.14.22.465:

MD5: e018b275fcc426344eb909eb984ebe9c
SHA-1: 6771A7383A27F41C51F588C5DFFBAB0C16B6FA2B
SHA-256: FC769417D334440925A9DB42C55E3F18AF6B4DDC88510D550B58D7836C35B0D5
I updated the SHA-1 and SHA-256 hashes. Eric

Thank you for your all feedback for COMODO Browsers! We have collected all of your feedbacks and created a list of improvements and new
features. We really appreciate all of your contributions to provide you a great browser.


Comodo Dragon Team

I found a PriceSuggestor extension after the Comodo Dragon update; is this from Comodo?

It said something about erasing my tracks… Sounds like some sort of Shopping SpyWare - ZAP!
NOTE: there is a so it still smells like SpyWare to me!

I use uMatrix, uBlock Origin & Note - “Do Not Track” is Turned OFF because it’s False Sense of Security that is not honored by most sites plus it’s a bandwidth waster.

Maybe some day dragon 64 will be released. I use chrome 64 and can’t wait until dragon 64 is released.

Congratulations with the release. Is there any news on video codec support?

Still no Twitter video support… :-TD

Interestingly enough, this new “feature” is missing from the changelog posted:
“price_suggestor.crx” extension.

Shame on you Comodo!!! >:(

Bundling ■■■■ extensions with the browser is bad enough on its own, and being sneaky about it is much worse!

There already has been a plenty of discussion about forcing extensions which are (kind of) not spam (i.e. Drag&Drop Service, Media Downloader, Share Page Service, Web Inspector). And now you’re shoving up this garbage to us.

Come on! Take your products seriously, and respect your users!

The reason people are using Dragon is to “opt out” of google ■■■■/spy-ware, and enhance security. Packing your browser with this marketing malware nobody asked for is absolutely unacceptable!

( :-TD)^10000000000

Have to agree with you.

Thanks for the update tho!

MD5:e018b275fcc426344eb909eb984ebe9c the same
SHA1:6771a7383a27f41c51f588c5dffbab0c16b6fa2b different
SHA-256:fc769417d334440925a9db42c55e3f18af6b4ddc88510d550b58d7836c35b0d5 different

Also must agree with this guy, i remember when they made the update that whenever you wanted to search something, it would suggest you different websites that started with the same letter you typed.
When i first saw this PriceSuggester, i was like, what is that? a spyware? a malware?. then my second thought was, Comodo? what are you doing? After reading this article, i remember the update and as i knew from before, comodo loves to do things like this.
Other than that, i like this update!.
Note: Please, don’t give us some unnecessary extension…

I,ve got the same and download from

But its no problem disable or remove the extension :wink:

I totally agree with you. This is VERY bad.

Stay away from adding unnecessary extensions and trying to be sneaky about it. >:(

Thanks for the update though.

I updated the SHA-1 and SHA-256 file hashes.

Agreed, but it’s not like you guys are forced to use it, you can unnistall it at anytime (they have to find other ways to make money, you know?). I’m more concerned about the lack of video codec support.

Obviously any software can be removed, extensions erased, Dragon uninstalled, hard drive formatted, and no one physically forcing anything here, nor they owe anything to anyone…

BUT, the lack of transparency in such cases is alarming to say the least. You can’t remove the problem if you don’t even know it exists.

If a company wants to make money via sponsorship, by bundling software, too bad, but fine: explicitly prompt the user during update/installation upfront: “Please, support our software by agreeing to install this partner’s extension: yes/no check-box”. What comodo did is an equivalent on forcing it on users

Surely you can borrow something about it in EULA that no one sane is going to notice, and being upfront about it will hurt sponsored income.
That’s simply a choice whether to do the “moral” thing respectful to the user, or to do the “economically optimized thing” if favor of shareholders, and f__k the users. And I’d expect the former from company who’s logo is “Creating Trust Online”. The latest comodo’s move is the exact opposite of “creating trust”.

Moreover, I had recommended this browser (as a secure alternative to chrome, with higher moral ground than chrome about being sneaky to users) to less tech savvy people (who are not going to dig for potential sneaky ■■■■ every update), and also deployed it in part of my organization. A decision that I’m currently regretting.
Both because of the act of bundling by default, and much much more because I have to discover such things by accident, while doing manual (unrelated) extension update.

All that said I do appreciate comodo’s work, but proudly adding WebRTC block while sneaking advertising extension in, is basically making two steps forward, one mile back.

Comodo’s narrative about the browsers was always - “we make tons of money selling CAs, and commercial AV/FW, and we also make browsers to show off how secure we are, and promote ourselves in security world”.

Trust is very hard to build and very easy to diminish, and the latter is what comodo is doing right now…

It seems an interesting extension, you can avoid that in case of a redirect made by malware, you can check where you are being redirected. :smiley:

The servers which the extension connects to see the IP addresses or do as browsers, PC collects the information and passes on the sites to which we connect?

thanks for this release , but I do agree with the gentlemen , who posted the same complaint above me : price suggester…a BIG nono in my book!! :-TD :o >:(

Thanks for the update Comodo.

Regarding the ‘Price Suggester’ extension, I am trying to find out some information from Staff so we are not left in the dark.
No promises.

Thanks captainsticks. Look forward to the response. Something I’ve noticed (with my setup), disabling IP/DNS Data (Price Suggester) does not remove extension from toolbar like it does with other extensions.


Hi Graham1,
The ‘Price Suggestor’ and the ‘IP/DNS Detector’ are not the same extension.
The ‘IP/DNS Detector’ is a hidden extension.

Kind regards.