Comodo Dragon ver 33.1 is now available for download


Comodo Dragon 33.1 is now available for download from the following link:

What’s new:

  • Comodo Media Downloader add-on.
  • Dragon is based on 33.0.1750.152.
  • Dragon loads pepper flash from Chrome Install Location or from own install location, if pepper flash folder is copied manually.

Known issues:

  • Dragon imports data from IE during installation instead of importing from the default browser.
  • Adoble Flash player compatibility issues.
  • Dragon is not relaunched during manual update on limited account (Windows Vista).
  • The Google page translation service does not work in Dragon.

Media Downloader was unexpected. :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to add support for Media Source Extensions? It is used on YouTube (for all VP9-videos, and, I think, for FHD AVC (it’s missing in the download-list)).

Thanks. :slight_smile:

  • Comodo Media Downloader add-on.

^^ Any more details before we unwittingly install something we may regret afterwards ?
You may think there is nothing to be concerned about, but right now your audience has no clue what this is, what are its capabilities, where was it discussed previously ???.

EDIT : JOWA Ninja post has the link explaining this ^^
EDIT 2 : And I like that you linked VLC Media player at the bottom of that page :-TU

  • Dragon loads pepper flash from Chrome Install Location or from own install location, if pepper flash folder is copied manually.

Nice solution to the problem, anyone needing Adobe’s prolific spyware ought to have Google chrome installed instead anyway, google chrome in that relationship is the lesser of two evils.

Erm, guys the installer when you choose Upgrade, now does not respect your previous setup

It has changed my home page from Ixquick to Yahoo - On a privacy respecting browser, Really ? was not even listed in Settings Startup pages, completely removed.

The Home button ( also no longer showing from my previous setup ) - Has also been set to Yahoo

At least you did keep my default Search Engine as ixquick

It has re-installed all the default plugins I have previously removed
The only extension I had was Disconnect, now it has :
The new Media downloader - Which was to be expected as a new extension to my setup
Comodo Web Inspector - Previously removed ( and the last installer respected that removal )
Comodo Share Page Service - Previously removed ^
PrivDog - Previously removed ^ I prefer Disconnect now

Are there any other sneaky re-installations we should be aware of ? Any registry entries for background services we may have to make to disable anything newly re-installed ?

EDIT : And what is this annoying fade in “You Can Drag stuff” sign which pops up ON EVERY PAGE REFRESH ??, I didn’t see that in the installer. Its worse than the “This page needs Adobe Flash” Banner

Is the installer going to re-install all this ■■■■ every time now ?

The browser has even lost its window dimensions, so also need re-sizing for my screen.

Supress HTTP Referrer had been switched off

Send “Do Not Track” had been switched off

Autofill had been switched back on O_o

Clear Browsing data settings had gone back to defaults

Clear at Exit had gone back to all of them off

All Content Settings had gone back to defaults :

Allow Local data - Was previously Keep until I quit

Allow Images - I train the browser what I want it to show

Allow Javascript - Same here as images

… I wont list them all, but suffice to say they all needed re-setting to my preferences.

Oh and apparently "Check for Certificate Revocation is best left turned off in any chrome variations, it does not work anyway.

Thanks dev’s :slight_smile:

Upgraded to 33.1 and still laggy flash sites and videos! Great work! Why need crash something what already worked fine? Looks like I need downgraded to 31.1 again.

Seriously, why ?

Flash is the most invasive plugin as far as privacy is concerned, and you want Dragon ( which is for better Privacy and Security ) to jump through hoops to support it

Why not just use Google Chrome instead if you want to be spied on ?

Are we getting a heap of Adobe employees under the guise of users trying to influence Dragon development here ??

Is HTML5 a threat to business so bad that they need to spam web sites and get people back onboard with flash ?

Reference those settings - All of my previous exceptions for sites I do trust to allow Image and Javascript … Have all been lost which means I need to re-train the browser for every site again.

I also wonder - Are there going to be old settings and plugins and data gathered about all my previous sessions with the old version of this browser, stored in a uniquely named hidden folder, which are now redundant because the browser has lost track of it all …

… and left behind on my hard drive ?, how do we clean that out ?, any guidance ?

Or did the Installer in “Upgrade mode” sweep all of the previous setup out ??

I mean the user would not know, the installer does not detail everything it installs anyway eh ?

One more problem, unfortunately

On a machine with multiple users on limited accounts

Times all of my previously reported problems by the amount of users of that shared machine.

Five in my case, thank heavens I am not running a business using this software.

Yes. That’s why the option is removed in Chromium 36 (Revision 269005). :wink:

And here comes the latest pepper flash:

copy the extracted folder to C:\Program Files (x86)\Comodo\Dragon\


Where should i put the pepperflash folder, to get pepperflash to work?

C:\Program Files (x86)\Comodo\Dragon\

Flash is still far more prevalent than HTML5 and until that changes, I will not use a browser that doesn’t support flash correctly. I am not concerned with being “spied on”. That is way overblown. Many of my favorite sites have flash content that is vital to their operation. Therefore, it is a must have for me. I still have not even installed Dragon on this new machine. Mainly because of this issue. Even if it was installed, however, IE11 would still be my default.

I can understand people needing it

But if you are not concerned with being spied on ( which is not way overblown if you have a look at its capabilities with a fine tooth comb ) … Why not just use the more up to date Google Chrome which has no problem with its own pepperflash ?

Thats my point, everyone moaning, throwing their toys out of the pram because flash is fubarred again … Go use chrome and leave this browser alone to do what it does very well without such undermining of anyones privacy.

With google chrome you dont even have to install the full blown flash installer, and pepperflash has been designed to work better with Google chrome and not break its privilege level

The whole point of Dragon is better Privacy and Security, which would be ruined if Flash was part of its setup

So why are a lot of people trying to influence its development ?

It makes no sense to me.

Many people want it all. They want their browser to be able to provide the full range of content available on the web. Flash problems in Dragon will limit it’s acceptance by a big segment of users. Saying “use something else” is not the solution and certainly is not in Comodo’s best interests.


Anything else i should do?, or will Dragon use pepperflash automatic?

You avoid my question

Here’s another in response to your post :
If Comodo wanted a popular browser then why develop a Privacy and Security product which most people will not understand the need for anyway, the skip the EULA / marketing and advertising zombie crowd loving apps will not need it.

For those of us that do need such a browser, the clueless crowd moaning about flash are endangering the integrity of the browsers goals.
"Many people will want it all " ← Good Privacy is not possible with flash installed, so it undermines a fundamental goal of Dragon.

Google bought YouTube and have since started making a lot of the content either HTML5 compliant, or at least there is quite a lot of it you can watch by installing VLC and its plugin for Browsers. Probably the best media player out there which is open source and not proprietary with any hidden agenda.
Even they recognise that flash will die one day and be superceeded, HTML5 will become the standard. And google is a big player in that development ( obviously they want to be ahead of the game in manipulating the underlying technology and DOM storage etc so they manipulate more of the audience away from Adobe ).

I guess it will stay around for those who need to keep their high scores on flash based games for a while.

No matter, we can agree to disagree I think, I am participating in taking this off topic which the developers do not need, so I bow out.

Thankfully so far Comodo have not included flash, and this particular version has found a good solution I think. So there is nothing to moan about now. If it ever does succumb to the crowd I for one will be jumping ship, probably to Whitehat Security Aviator ( Click “Learn More” at the bottom of the page, then the FAQ tab )

Bug report submitted including all problems I have found so far in this topic;msg761604#msg761604

Hi fungus303,
It should work automatically.
I do recommend going to dragon://plugins and disabling the NPAPI version if it is installed.
Note: Expand the plugin details to see the information for both versions.

Kind regards.

Hi w33d3r,
This appears as if some form of corruption may have occurred to your Dragons user profile during the update. :-
I have updated 3 systems and all my settings/preferences have been honoured.

Kind regards.