Comodo Dragon ver 31.1 is now available for download

What struck me this morning is the browsing speed, never seen before! The web pages seem to fly, what happened?
Thank you for the update :-TU

Yes, I can confirm that with this new release, all of my extensions are now working in incognito mode.

I understand, but the prior release of Dragon marks the first time I’ve noted the icon’s appearance. I think it is superfluous. Regardless, let me say that I very much appreciate Comodo Dragon.

Exactly! So why can’t CD have it’s own icon?

If the blue Dragon-icon does not have an obvious meaning, that’s clearly a deficiency and design flaw for CD’s icon.

Do you mean the private browsing icon? I think it might actually be blue in Dragon. In Chrome it is gray.

I got it! The CD icon is a dragon’s eye right?

For incognito mode, how about a blue Dragon-icon wearing a one-lense sunglasses monocle! ;D

Yes. What do you think about this wish : here 88)

I don’t know if this is happening to others but in the last couple of versions I have issues adding/keeping(!) extensions. On my windows 7 machine Dragon refuses to add chrome extensions while at windows 8.1 my adblock plus keeps forgetting its settings and filters (=does not function at all).

That is really strange. You should not be having that problem.

Now it can print.

Thank you.

OK, I started to resuscitate Dragon on my win7 machine, where I continuously kept a “Could not create download directory” message even after un-and-reinstalling Dragon with profile removal. (The issue was that several versions ago I defined a nonexisting drive as download folder - THIS SETTING PERSISTED EVEN TOUGH I REMOVED THE USER PROFILE during uninstall).

Now I managed to install extensions - Adblock plus for instance. However, ABP forgets all its settings and filters, same symptoms as on my win 8.1 machine. I realized it only happens in incognito mode (it WAS working in incognito in earlier versions).

This seems to be a bug of the underlying chromium, Dragon, time to move on!

if you’re starting CD in incognito mode, you’re encountering this bug:

Hi! Does not work translating pages.

I can back up this bug. The translation option does not perform whatsoever.

Comodo Dragon 31.1 ui bug

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Hi Several-GHM,
Reported in the link below.
How to remove this space in incognito mode?

Kind regards.

same bug here, i downgraded to CD

Downgrading didn’t solve the problem even with clean install.
Chrome works
BTW, is the problem of waiting for while loading youtube a CD specific problem, cause any other browser work?

You could temporarily use Chrome until the bug is fixed.

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