Comodo Dragon ver 31.1 is now available for download


Comodo Dragon 31.1 is now available for download from the following link:

What’s new:

  • New PrivDog version


  • Import bookmarks and settings from Google Chrome doesn’t work.
  • Dragon menu button and incognito icon are overlapped
  • Digital signature not recognized during update
  • Dragon crashes when importing data from a running Firefox browser
  • The Drag&Drop web search service defaults to
  • Button cannot be clicked because of the Drag&Drop initial pop-up message
  • Drag&Drop dropboxes overlap the page content when printing to PDF
  • The Drag&Drop initial pop-up message is displayed differently on some pages

Glad to see the announcement, I was awaiting it >:-D

Thanks for the update. :-TU

thanks devs for update and fixes :-TU

Good job, guys! :-TU

Thanks dev’s !

Good news that the printing issue is fixed. I hope the one with printing while in the Kiosk is too.

Thanks for you hard work :-TU

Thanks for the update. PrivDog is working really well.

Thanks - extensions are now working in Incognito mode. Isn’t the display of the fedora wearing icon dude redundant, since the Dragon menu icon turns blue in Incognito? It just looks a bit busy to me.


Yeah extensions are not working in private mode and the fedora/icon is pretty ridiculous, messed up layout.

Thanks for update

Maybe it is, but it is part of Chromium: Browse in private - Computer - Google Chrome Help And it is not obvious what the blue Dragon-icon means.
Opera (Chromium) has sunglasses instead: Security and privacy - Opera Help

here they aren’t?! (extensions still out of order, when starting the browser in incognito mode)

Thanks for the update.

I have however one issue. I thought I had disabled the Drag&Drop extension in the previous version because of the printing issue, but I probably ununstalled it by error. I would like to see it back and was hoping it would be automatic with this new version, but unfortunately it is not the case.

How can I reinstall Drag&Drop?


As an additional information, I have in Program files > Comodo > > Dragon > Extensions > the file drag&drop.crx which I assume is the one necessary to run this extension.

Open settings and then extensions, drag n drop it there and it will re-install the dragndrop extension.

Thanks fungus, done!

I think I came across a bug. There is no Virtual Comodo Dragon shortcut created and even after I manually create it in Comodo 7 beta, when I click it, it doesn’t run. I have to run Dragon using the context menu for it to be sandboxed.