Comodo Dragon ver 31.0 is now available for download


Comodo Dragon 31.0 is now available for download from the following link:

What’s new:

  • Dragon is based on Chromium 31.0.1650.48.
  • Drag&Drop feature


  • HTTP referrer suppression does not work.
  • Themes and Extensions was not synchronized for Google account.
  • Extensions doesn’t update.

Drag&Drop feature overview

Searching and sharing can be done very easily using the drag and drop feature. Drag images, links and videos to the left to share them, or search for text and images by dragging to the right.

Thank you. :-TU

Guys thanks for this update. Drag&Drop feature is cool! :-TU

  1. I’ve been awaiting the corrections. I was using CD 29.1 'till some minutes ago…
    Nice update. Clear Improvement!

This new version runs better for me than the last version so thanks :slight_smile:

But I found one bug with this new version! When logging into Comodo Forum I can’t log in via this way. Please look at Capture 1

I can only log in via this section shown on Capture 2

I just thought I let you know



[attachment deleted by admin]

Some feedback on the drag&drop feature: Personally I’d like the extension to have options that allow us to specify which sites should be used for the different squares and also we should have the option to disable for example the sharing bar, personally I couldn’t give less of a care about sharing since I don’t have an account on any of those sites, but the search thing is cool.

I personally don’t understand why you went with Google Romania for the web search but okay… Personally I’d want to set it to something else.

A bug, yes and icky little bug with Drag&Drop extension: The image search is broken, when I highlight a word and drag it to image search, it will include a lot of other words in that post I just highlighted a word in, for example I just highlighted “update.” in ujku1977’s post, I then dragged it to the image search and it searched for “Guys thanks for this update. Drag”

I was shocked about that too but I just everything, restarted, and the problem was gone. I wander why that happened.

On the other hand, I yet have to figure the settings for the “drag & drop” feature because used as web search engine. ???

I found a fix. I disabled Comodo Drag&Drop Service under Extensions and I was able to log in just fine.

Also I have notice that it Comodo Drag&Drop Service shows over the Log-in setting shown in Capture 1.

So maybe if the Comodo Drag&Drop Service icon that shows to be moved else where on the page ?

I hope this report helps




The Drag&Drop pop up has a “Do not show this message again” button. Once disabled, the message will stop preventing the user interaction with page content.

And yes, we will definitely be adding a proper fix to this issue.


Thanks George-Silviu Blendea,

But I did press stop showing and when I closed a page and I reopened it showed again.

So I will try again be re enabling it and giving it a test

Thanks for the help



Thank you for the update, it is appreciated. :-TU

Great job!

It seemed to of fixed itself, I Re Enabled the Drag&Drop and it shows again after pressing F5 and I pressed Do not show like you said, and it worked. It does not re show if I log off and go back to log on. So Thanks George



Thanks dev’s :slight_smile:

good job guys.

Liking the new drag n drop… Great for researching…
I will be waiting for an easier way to change the default search in it, but other then, it works good so far. Took a couple times clicking the “do not show” as some have stated, but finally it took…

I would like to ask what happened to the “Location” in Content Settings? Has this been replaced by the “protected content” setting, making the location off by default other then?

Thanks for the update Comodo. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys :-TU