Comodo Dragon ver 31.0 is now available for download

Nice, thanks :-TU

Ditto, in fact I uninstalled it, since I have no use for D&D.

How come no one noticed the overlapping of the User Switch button and Comodo Dragon button? (the top-leftmost buttons of the app, where you can switch users and go to options, etc.)

I can barely click the CB button if I pixel hunt for it.

Also there’s this annoying spacing between the tab and the buttons

took a screenshot, hope you can fix it soon because it’s pretty annoying

I was :o, cause you guyz are :-TU for adding this :-La in CD
I asked for a search by image before in the idea section, but you came with a whole bunch of useful features.
As a CD user, a customer, and a six sigma black belt…I’m pretty satisfied, delighted, and you exceeded my expectations.
This is not CD browser anymore, welcome to the AWESOMENESS browser folks.
Extra-terrestrial THX for everybody adding-value to our browsing experience.
Keep it up guys.

Recien instale el dragon y encontre un error en el menú :embarassed: :embarassed:
Just install the dragon and found a bug in the menu

Adjunto una imágen con el problema del menú
Attached is a picture with the problem of menu

El botón de menú esta tapado por el boton de cambio de usuario, y no puedo abrir el menú
The menu button is hidden by the button switch user, and I can not open the menu

[attachment deleted by admin]

I reported that hours ago…

Very nice! :-TU

I have version 30 installed. Autoupdate is disabled but dragon notifies on updates. Version 31 have released but I have not got the notification yet, browsing for an hour, also tried close/open CD again.

I know manual update can be done. But plzz look into these little things too.

Thank you for the update


Very pleased to have Dragon installed again after the complications of Privdog being blocked and un-installable on my previous setup …

This version of Dragon installed no problem, and along with it came an up to date version of PrivDog


More Extensions ???

So now we have :

Site Inspector
Share site
CMS background service ( if you havent already used the registry setting to remove it;msg713955#msg713955 - I am guessing that is the case anyway seeing as it is not mentioned as removed in the first post )
Update service ( if you do not disable it )

I hope someone is keeping a check on where this is going, because one day this fast browser is going to slow to a crawl just with the default bright ideas club unnecessary additions.

Personally I will just be keeping PrivDog.

Really dont like that ticked by default option for Adobe Flash either - It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just the tailored Pepperflash for chrome ( ideally made by Comodo instead of google ), but that option actually downloads the full blown adobe flash installer. Oh well at least we have a check box to untick :).

I just go ahead and delete all the extensions.


Same thing here (winxpsp3)

its’s like 1/10 of wasted space. :confused:


it’s also “reported” here

does this needs to be submitted in bug reports ?

The download is taking too, too, too long. Reported through current C.D. Browser is between 40 minutes and an hour for expected download of 46 MB size file. The more recent previous versions had taken only about 2 or 3 minutes. Something is not normal at the Comodo end.

(Actual time was about 25 minutes to download)

Shouldn’t we be able to change the web search setting from google to another search engine? Dunno why you went with google in the first place.

why cant you change it?

[attachment deleted by admin]

This is how I changed search engine on the drag&drop bar on Dragon.
Is there any easier way to do this.

To change to some other search engines.
Look for C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Comodo\Dragon\User Data\Default\Extensions\aneodkojaglhnkkdbbdnmmmgimlcaogo\1.0_0\scripts\content\classSearchFunc

and classRepository on the same folder.

Open this classSearchFunc in note pad and then replace with search engine of choice.

Relace “…”

for bing

for google


Confronted with the “Drag and Drop” extension, I wondered: “Hmmm I did not install this”.

  • searched Google: Nothing
  • searched Comodo: Nothing
  • searched Comodo forum: Nothing
  • read news/etc: finally success

Please introduce new features properly and do not let your users sitting in the dark

Me not finding anything was due to ill formatted search “drag drop” and not “drag&drop”/ But the search at Comodo itself still does not came up with relevant results. And a proper introduction still is required for a “safe” browser like Dragon

Hi Eric-Jan H te A,
It is just another Comodo browser feature that just so happens to be in the form of an extension, the first two posts of this topic explains what it is.

I am just wondering how to properly introduce new features other than include them in the software and post in the new release topic?



Maybe a newsletter? And a descent feed for Google search where not so exact formulated searches turn up with relevant results.
And maybe not so paranoid users as myself ;D

Thank you Eric-Jan H te A,
It is only new to Dragon, it will eventually become more known in the future and then searches should net results.

Newsletters, yes Comodo seem to have ceased sending email newsletters for unknown reasons. :frowning:

BTW: I only seen your edit for reply 36 after I posted reply 37. :slight_smile:

Kind regards.