Comodo Dragon ver 30.0 is now available for download


Comodo Dragon 30.0 is now available for download from the following link:

What’s new:

  • Dragon is based on Chromium 30.0.1599.101.
  • Add a new version of the PrivDog extension in the Comodo Dragon.

What’s fixed:

  • Dragon uses Chrome’s internal browser addresses ( chrome://history; chrome://extensions; dragon://extensions; chrome://settings; chrome://flags).
  • FIXED issue where Dragon comunicated with Google servers on launch.
  • “Master password” option is checked even if the user does not finish setting it.
  • Dragon internal URLs are not recognised and performs a search in the default search engine (OS: Windows 8.x).

Yeah… 8)

Thanks…updating :-TU

Hooray, now people will stop complaining, until the next Google update ;). I’ve said it before but I expect to see in 2015, Windows 9 or even 10 and Chrome 137 ;D

Thanks for the update.

Downloaded, installed and running like a charm.

NB : In the previous version, I had HTTPS/SSL “check for server certificate revocation” enabled. After updating to version 30.0, it was disabled. That’s the 1st time it happens after an update and I wonder if it is by design or a bug.

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Thanks for the update. :wink:

Upgrading directly from CD browser it’s impossible for me, as usually. I’m trying from the link above. :slight_smile:

Nice, just one thing, still “Comodo Message Center” has no option in the GUI… :frowning: At least it doesn’t re-enable itself after an update, that’s good.

Updated without a flaw from within Dragon itself. It always works for me. Sometimes I check and the update has already been applied even though I haven’t even used the browser for a few days.

Same here.

I too want to know if it is by design or a bug?

Unfortunately, it looks like a bug.

Please, make “Comodo Message Center” optional in Settings.


Thanks finally hee :smiley: 88) now time to CID upgrade :wink:

Good job! ;D

Thank you for your answer.

Hello ,Thank you for new CD.

  • Dragon communicates with Google server on launch.

What is that? :-
CD`s anonymity is gone?

It has been fixed now.

He said,
When we using CD 29.1 version ? where were the anonymity ?

good job guys!

@Google servers.