Comodo Dragon ver 29.1 is now available for download


Comodo Dragon 29.1 is now available for download from the following link:

What’s new:

  • COMODO Message Center.

Message Center keeps you informed about the latest Comodo offers available, and keeps you in touch with the newest COMODO products out there.

What’s fixed:

  • The setup ends abruptly during manual update;
  • Dragon does not use TLS 1.2 connection;
  • The Master Password dialog contains a black border;

Is there an option to disable Comodo Message Center, just like we have in CIS?

You can go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ComodoGroup\Dragon reg key for 64-bit OS
or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ComodoGroup\Dragon reg key for 32-bit OS and set EnableMessageCenter value to 0.

thanks I am on CD now from Cyberfox :wink:

Thanks, but I think you should put that option in CD Settings.
This way it is not convenient for novice users.


thanks dev’s :slight_smile:

Honestly I find this a no-brainer for a company that wants to create trust online. I’m honestly amazed that they decided to put it in enabled without first making sure to have an option for it.

I should add that CMC is not needed in a browser IMHO.
Of course Comodo has to advertise but anyway…some folks could find this irritating and leave.

good job guys!

Without an easy to use option to disable CMC, users will leave. I know I would. I am amused by it being listed as a new feature like it’s a good thing, though. Does Comodo have statistics on how many people disable that in CIS? I’d be interested to know.

To those complaining about Comodo Message Center in CIS or now in Dragon. Honestly, what is so frustrating in receiving from time to time a Comodo message advertising for a Comodo product? Comodo is giving excellent products for free but receiving these occasional small messages are too much of a annoyance for you!? 88)

CD should have an option to disable it.
Simple as that…



Can we add this to “really not wanted by users”

Along with those annoying banners

Install Comodo software
Install Comodo software
etc etc

**** OFF button please. Only providing a registry edit makes you worse than Google / Farcebook burying privacy options in the advanced setting layer of settings.

Its yet another mentalist drip feed water torture

Cynical me : Is this why the announcement of 29.1 was delayed ?
So most users would automatically adopt it ?

Cheap trick that will not win applause or continued loyalty.

What's fixed: - The setup ends abruptly during manual update; - Dragon does not use TLS 1.2 connection; - The Master Password dialog contains a black border;

Thank you for the TLS fix.

Thats about all I wish to say thats positive after the above introduction to a new advertisement mechanism ‘built in’ to the browser

:■■■■ Thanks for making CD more & more perfect

I don’t know that it’s too much of an annoyance in CIS…maybe, but in the context of browsers where there are free alternatives that will not nag you…yes. Where people have options, they will opt.


The main danger of it being enabled by default, and no way to disable it easily through the settings is that it will get bad press, and as we know there are many other good free browsers out there without such advertising built in.

Version of the same.

Worthy of a high-quality software.

Thank you very much.

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