Option in settings (GUI) to disable/enable 'Comodo Message Centre'.

With the recent update of Dragon V29.1, Comodo Message Centre has been added with no options to disable it within the settings.
Please vote, thanks. :slight_smile:

For now it can only be disabled with a registry edit following the instructions in the below quote from Staff member Alexandru Andrei.

This must be added. Without this option I think Comodo Dragon is set to lose a large number of users.

Why did they added CMC in CD in the first place?

I voted yes.

I think an option to remove CMC from CD should also be there in the poll i.e CMC shouldn’t be there in CD.

I see no harm in it being present as long as the disable/enable options are readily available, there are no other adverse effects of it being on a system other than maybe the pride of some users with the knowledge of it being there.
Some users like receiving general product news, which may be of some benefit to these users.
For others, simply make the disable option easier.

The reasons above is why I did not add the remove option in the poll.
Thanks and thanks for voting.

Though I’m often on the forum and thus informed of Comodo new products, I never disable CMC in CIS. For me doing so is just showing respect to Comodo who gives me products for free. And honestly, these messages are quite seldom and not intrusive.

I presume that Comodo has added CMC to Dragon to make their other products or temporary offers known to a larger public. I don’t see any ill intention in that and surely not an invasion of privacy. But if adding an option to disable CMC in Dragon makes some people more happy and feeling in charge, why not.

Previously I was on another system that has no CD.

Now I checked CD thats updated 29.1 & couldn’t find CMC, where is it under settings?

Hi naren,
It is currently not available under settings in the menu, that is the idea of this wishlist topic. :wink:

So how CMC in CD gives messages i.e messages appear in taskbar as popup or they appear in CD as popup?

  1. If you do something, test it on different configurations. CMC (update_helper.exe) switch screen from active window (player, game, editing tools etc) to desktop on WIN7 x64. Behavior of CMC is very strange.
  2. Why i must go to the registry and disable CMC manually?
  3. I missed something? If you install Comodo Dragon first time, you must see the dialog “Free activation for Comodo Dragon Installer” there you may sign up for news about Comodo products. It something crazy in enabled CMC by default for users who don’t sign for the news during install CD!

Hi Naren,
I presume a taskbar popup, but to be honest I haven’t seen a message yet.

Hi Polus,
CMC is an on screen notification message.
The sign up for news option is to send Comodo news via your email.
The 2 options are not related.