Comodo Dragon ver 23.4 is now available for download

Comodo Dragon 23.4 is now available for download from the following link:

What’s new:

  1. Renames Site Inspector extension to Web Inspector.
  2. Removed PrivAlert extension.

PrivAlert was temporarly removed because we didn’t consider it stable enough. we’ll come back in couple of weeks with a new version.

Thanks, being updated.

Okay. That explains why Privalert is gone. Thanks for the update.

No update here!? My CD reports being up-to-date. When we will get an auto update?

I am not sure when/if.
My Dragon V23.3 also reports being up to date.

“In couple of weeks” okay. By the looks of it they withdrew version 23.4. Okay. Thanks.

I got the update just now & updated to 23.4

Congrats with the release.

What instability make you guys decide to work further on Privalert?

(:WIN) Propably all the snifers started crying ang get verry upset

…mine worked great - I saw NO instability, nor did I see any huge outpouring of complaints or notifications in these forums - what I did see, were several questions / comments, regarding the similarity of PrivAlert, to an app called “Ghostery”, which makes me wonder if they were threatened with legal action of some kind - if so. who would want to say that - removing it entirely seems pretty drastic to me…

I agree it is disappointing to see it removed, when it already developed a very happy user base. :frowning:

…maaaaaaaannnnnnnn, things were really flyin’ with Privalert, I really notice now without it. Not just faster, but smoother & NO herky jerky - especially with “tvguide dot com” which I use a lot. Was a PITA before - PrivAlert fixed that - Now a PITA again… :frowning:

I’m sad privalert has gone, made for faster loading & cleaner web pages. Never noticed any instability.
Hope it is back very soon.

I faced problems with privalert. When opening some pages, the pages didnt open and a message appeared in left lower corner - privalert is checking the site (or something like this). I had to disable the extension to see those pages opening. I didint give it much thought that time but after seeing the new changelog, now i know that i was not the only one having issues with privalert.

Hi Epinephrine,
Honestly I don’t think some pages not opening properly is the reason it was temporarily removed.
Any anti tracking extension functioning correctly will cause some sites to malfunction, some sites need tracking capabilities to function correctly.
At least with an extension like Privalert you will be able to see which ones require unblocking elements to display properly, then you can make a personal choice whether to allow or not.

I auto-updated to the newest version yestereday. If I had know that Privalert has been removed I would have stayed with older version. Let’s get it back to us asap.

Hi mr.lance.boil,
Yes it was disappointing to see it removed, let us hope it returns soon.
If you badly want it back see the bottom of the post found here.
Edit: Note it might not be worth installing as the library update is now disabled, so therefore the blocking capabilities might not function at all.

Please, return Privalert as soon as posiblle to Dragon!!

I can understand why they removed Prialert, due to it crashing twice and for it not having the same about of blocked sites that Ghostery had.

So when it comes back lets hope it’s better and more stable and up to date, and better than Ghostery :wink:

It seems stable so far 23.4 and it runs fast within Virtual Dragon, if you have the New CIS 6.0 :slight_smile:


…it WON’T work - I tried that run-around yesterday, after to my dismay too, in updating to .4 discovered it was taken away, & re-dl’d to the older version, & yes, P/A update didn’t work, & web pages were sloppy & slow as before P/A, as well as showed the ads, so PLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEAAASSSEEE bring it back - Kind Regards…