Comodo Dragon ver 23.2 is now available for download

Comodo Dragon 23.2 is now available for download from the following link:

This release introduces PrivAlert extension, a brand new anti-tracking browser tool. The purpose of PrivAlert is to detect trackers and malicious behavior of websites that you browse. The user is then notified about all that and can block them.

What’s new:

  • Dragon is based on Chromium 23.0.1271.97.
  • Dragon now includes PrivAlert extension.


  • Prevent “Did you mean…” message from showing when performing searches.
  • Show plugin placeholder when Flash Player plugin is not enabled.
  • Fixed “click to play” for plugins.

Cool! Privalert seems neat.

excellent work guys!

Love PrivAlert!!!
Lets give our users their privacy back!

Thanks for the update, installed smoothly. :-TU
PrivAlert extension, thanks for the addition.

Thanks for the update
Excellent :-TU

PrivAlert is a great addition :slight_smile:
Protection from malicious scripts and protecting banking online (like keyscrambler) would be great :slight_smile:

+1 :-TU

Thanks for the update!

Is there any way to make plugin placeholders smaller? Or it depend on the size of the element that mask? Before looked better (white area) IMO! Now, pure Chrome! ;D
However, is not a big thing!

Thanks for the update and the addition of Comodo Privalert which seems a great new tool to keep us safe while surfing. Thank you Comodo.

Excellent addition. A replacement for Ghostery, promises to be more effective, and without any need to agree to Better Advertisings terms and conditions :slight_smile:

That tastes sooo good. I haven’t fully trusted Ghostery since Better Advertising bought the guy out, but nothing else did what Ghostery does.

But ??? - Documentation : For instance …

  1. What does it do which Ghostery does not ( most curious about this question, does it also dual purpose as an AdBlock+ replacement, and if so from where are the lists updated from … MVPS hosts list or an adblock list ?? )

  2. If you put a sites url in the whitelist, what does the ( un-checked ) tickbox do

Question 2 is raised because looking at the “Threats list”, if you have a white listed site then its threat category becomes un-checked, which logically says to me “You have elements from this list whitelisted so the category is not completely blocking all elements” - Hence it is un-checked.
Yet sites added to the Whitelist tab, by default, are also un-checked, which if you go by the logic of the Threats list says to me “Here are the sites you want whitelisted, but they are in-active” …

… so is having whitelisted sites un-checked mean they are in-active, meaning we have to also tick everything we add to the whitelist ( which seems counter to the users wishes if they are adding a site to a whitelist )

Or, if not, what does ticking them do ?

Or, I notice the Remove Selected button at the bottom, so is the tickbox purely for mass removal ? ( aswell as having the remove option at the end of each line )

  1. Will you be making PrivAlert more detailled in what can be blocked per site ( I believe at the moment its an all or nothing option for all the different elements any particular site may have )

PrivAlert is based on Ghostery, doesn’t it? Any differences?

…if you want to see the perfection of how PrivAlert works, download & run this small tool from Microsoft, that lets you see your connections, both “listening”, & “established”, & run it with PrivAlert both enabled & disabled. I saw a HUGE decrease with it enabled, & it didn’t seem to affect speed or functionality of any website so far…
TCPView is an advanced, more easy to use version of “netstat”, in a GUI

…BTW, thanx, from the bottom of my heart…

Update: Ran into some trouble with Farmville on FaceBook
Unchecked the “Widgets” box - everything is fine

Congratulations PrivAlert team and Dragon team!

This is just the first release of PrivAlert, so your feedback is very much appreciated. Comparing it with Ghostery would mean to limit it and that’s because PrivAlert is set to be much more than just anti-tracking tool. Just wait to see what 2013 will bring for PrivAlert… actually, for you!:smiley:

Next release of IceDragon will also come with PrivAlert.

In couple of days PrivAlert will have it’s own website and forum. Hope you like this tool and don’t hesitate to comment/criticize it! We’ll just keep improving:).

(:CLP) WooooW Thanks a loooooot Privalert rocks -
Now Melih got no chance to track me (:WAV)

But I like Melih ,dasway Comodo web page is the first one added to my whitelist (:WIN)

…after a little more browsing, I am thoroughly convinced, COMODO DRAGON IS THE FOOD OF THE GODS - final answer - you people are truly amazing - I will never again be anxious or discontent about the punctuality of the updates - take as long as you want - you really got it goin’ on…


WOW it seems a new tool has been developped by you guys

(:CLP) (:CLP) :BNC


congrats! i love the new extension will test it out more when i get a chance.

Shouldnt some of the categories be checked by default? when i installed it everything was unchecked so it sees that we are being tracked but doesnt block any of it.