Comodo Dragon ver 22.1 is now available for download

Comodo Dragon 22.1 is now available for download from the following link:


  • Dragon is based on Chromium 22.0.1229.94.


  • Extensions settings were resetting on each browser relaunch, when “Clear cookies and other site and plug-in data when I close my browser” setting was enabled.


  • Yahoo is set as default search engine and homepage.

Great job, guys!

Thanks for the release.

Is it just an impression and is it just me but I find the sites rendering a better resolution with version 22.1.

Thanks for the update :-TU

Why? Is there a particular reason?

Thanks again

Many thanks guys, working great :-TU

Comodo and Yahoo are partners now.

Yeah, and it also seems much faster in loading pages :-TU

Good News :wink:
Thank you my friend

I don’t see the timer anymore when downloading files. Intentional or a bug?

hi frens.2day for da 1st time installed comodo dragon.came to know on net abt this browser.everything fine but i need a small favor.
is there a way to change tabs look in CD.
i like tabs look as in chrome n am used to not feeling good with rectangle shaped tabs in CD.
pls suggest me how to change tabs appearance .is that really possible??
if not then i sincerely request CD TEAM to implement this change in coming versions.
pls do reply thanks a lot

You can try various themes from Chrome Store and use the one you like.

doesn’t work for tab changing .

i agree with srinivasmv419 PLZ change / give an option to change back tabs to look like google chrome :frowning:

good morn bro.themes wont change tabs look.u just check once n confirm urself.thank u

need help guys.pls give me suggestions.
in CHROME whilee giving print destination theres an option to SAVE AS PDF.
now this feature is missing in our browser.i tried lots of extensions too but they al failed.
i want inbuilt feauter lik in chrome.pls tel me whether this feature is in CD or in future its gonna be added soon.
this feature is very very essential to me for my personnal work

Maybe you can also try to build your own theme. I made mine from this website Chrome Theme Creator - Create Custom Google Chrome Themes Online

I personally use a pdf maker, pdf24
It’s free (i don’t know if only for personal use or also for business) and it comes with pdf24 creator, with a split&merge option.
Ah, this is just a suggestion, I’m not paid by pdf24 for advertising :a0
About Chrome extensions, I know (even if I don’t use) two of them:
PDF & Print with Joliprint
Hope u can solve ur problem :smiley:

hello bro i want tabs modified not theme modified.u didint get my point

Chrome uses Chrome PDF Viewer, which is not included in Chromium (and therefore also not in Dragon).
The file is called ”pdf.dll”, and you can extract it (with 7-Zip) from the Chrome-installer:
pdf.dll should be in Dragon’s program-folder.
You also need to enable print-preview. Command: –enable-print-preview

Sorry, do u mean modify tab shape or tab color? If it’s tab color, u can do it by the link I posted.
My CD now looks like this (Google is the foreground tab, the other two are backgound tabs)

[attachment deleted by admin]

SumatraPDF works fine with Dragon.