Comodo Dragon ver 19.0 is now available for download

Comodo Dragon 19.0 is now available for download from the following link:


  • Chromium core 19.0.1084.46.


  • Theme changing re-enabled.

am i the first to reply again? :smiley:


Nice work men, thanks :-TU

Fourth!!! :-TU


Is problem with printing solved in v19?

WOO HOO! Theme changing has been re-enabled! Great work Comodo! ;D

Meh, so much crying about getting themes to change back. I am still waiting for a default Aero for the Vista/7 Dragon, have been waiting and will wait.

Nice update, no problems so far. Feels smooth.

All my bookmarks icons were kept too … that used to be a pain.

And very glad to see pepperflash still remains absent for those of us who do not want any version of flash installed.

I noticed the better features of the settings pages are now hidden by default under that small “Advanced settings” link when you have scolled down to the end of the settings page …

Is that google calling the shots and putting pressure on the chromium developers to hide them so that most users will not even go there ?. It would not surprise me. Google will probably make the old simplyfying the interface excuse again for burying the mechanisms they can profit from the most.

And before anyone gets on my case and says this isn’t google - I know, Dragon is taken from the chromium source code and re-worked by comodo’s excellent programmers into the browser we love. Google do have influence though on the chromium devs code from which this browser is developed.
I have seen development topics on chromium where they do their best not to bring into the open any personal feelings about such influence … Sometimes it leaks though :slight_smile:

Thank you Dragon team.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Question: I would like to know if dragon gets bug fixes or is really it bug free?

Thanks for the great release.

I’ve noticed a new feature in Privacy > Content Settings ==> “Web Intents”. What does this feature imply? Never mind, I’ve found by googling it.

Also at the top left, we have now “Not signed in to Dragon (You’re missing out–Sign in)”. Is there a way to hide this message?

Thanks for the update, all running smooth so far. :-TU

Thanks for reinstating themes again… :slight_smile:

Something wrong with the server? I’m on a 20 Meg connection and it took me 12 min to download this.

Just read between the lines… CD has benefited from all the bug fixes by Chromium devs up to latest Chromium 19, but the CD developers themselves have not any bug fixing.

Since updating to CD 19, Windows Media Player plugin fails to work.

Whenever I visit a page that requires Windows Media Player, a bar appears asking me to install the plugin. After installing, the problem persists. (I have tried all possible ways of installation, including uninstalling and then reinstalling, restarting PC etc etc)

Try this test:

Can anyone confirm that WMP Plugin is not compatible with Chromium 19? (my Google Chrome 19 also has the same problem).


Working fine here.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Dragon gets bug fixes, but none serious bugs worth mentioning were fixed in 19.0.

excellent work guys. Welldone for listening to the users and bringing back the theme changing. This is the Comodo culture, we always listen to our users! Always!