Comodo Dragon ver 15.0 is now available for download

Comodo Dragon 15.0 is now available for download from the following link:


  • Chromium core 15.0.874.102.

Excellent rate of updates,Keep up the good work!!
A much better browser than google chrome!! Infact I would say the best chromium based browser!

■■■■ nice ! just switch to dragon over google chrome 8)

it seems to be faster now.
thx for the update

i just want to add this , i hope DRAGON doesn’t have any spyware installed like google chrome does :-
anyone can confirm it doesn’t?

cheers :-*

Spyware from a company providing computer security? I don’t think so

Spyware installed like Google Chrome? Citations required please.

i mean all this tracking stuff google add to its chrome based browser . i hope DRAGON doesn’t suffering from it :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, what a pace of update! I seem to be updating every 2 weeks. Excellent work, thanks a lot.

edit typo

Thank you!

We are now making sure we update as fast…maybe sometimes faster than Google Chrome. Top notch security, great usability, clean interface…one of the best browsers around.

Excellent, thank you.
Beautiful promptly to the original.
Runs felt snappier, the CPU load is considerably better, and Flash content not stutter so much.

i just noticed that two options in ‘under the hood’ - ‘HTTP/SSL’ setting is not there anymore, which is ‘Use SSL 3.0’ and ‘Use TLS 1.0’ checkbox…is it mean that those are becoming unchangeable default settings, or are they actually removed from this version ?

i also noticed its incredible speed over previous version…awesome, great work guys :-TU

Thanks for this new release, going strong :-TU

Is it me or is the logo in the left bottom not transparent looks white on my screen.

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Google Chrome/Comodo Dragon now protects against this:

So says: Chrome Releases: Chrome Stable Release

Although Chrome is not directly affected by the attack, the NSS network library was updated to include a defense against so-called BEAST. This defense may expose bugs in Brocade hardware. Brocade is working on the issue. The lighttpd project fixed a compatibility issue at version 1.4.27 and newer.

;D ;D

Same here, but it was the same in previous versions as well.

Thanks Comodo, so far going well :-TU.

This version is very fast!!! Good work guys…

Excellent! ;D
Great job, guys! :-TU

ChromePlus is history for me…still based on Chromium v12… :-TD

same here…it looks so weird… logo is not looking nice…

i am having trouble while installing apps from chrome web store… while extensions installs perfectly…

As my guess…dragon is taking apps as a extension so it is failing to install…

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Well done on the update, can tell it’s faster which is nice!

WOW!!! This Dragon Version is flying!!! The fastest browser Ive ever had!!!

Good Job! :-TU