Comodo Dragon ver 15.0 is now available for download

it certainly is!!!

It is fast and I think the speed increase is more noticeable on Win7 than it is on XP, but XP is still running fine though.

On XP, IE8 is a truck and Dragon a sport car :smiley:

Why the upgrade downloads the full installer i.e app. 25 mb? I thought upgrades will be a small size downloads.


Please make these colors more visible, more bright.
Maybe add also welcome tab after installation, during first run.

Like: Welcome to the msot secure browser!
Key features:


What you should know about certificates:


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lovin the new dragon. its really fast. great job comodo

It really is faster than Chrome.

Good job indeed. :-TU

We have removed all the “calls Google makes home” to make it better for “privacy”. this alone makes a huge difference in speed! Plus other Comodo magic :wink:


can you confirm u didnt ADD any same like google stuff you removed?
i mean i dont want to replace 1 spyware software (google chrome) with maybe same like (dragon) :wink:

Hi Melih

As a Linux user, I use Chromium as my main browser. Are these calls home also present in Chromium (which I believe Google contribute to mostly anyway) or just Chrome?


Google makes money by selling Advertisement and showing it users.
Comodo is a Security company.

That is a BIG difference that you should understand please.

10x Melih for the explanation , now i am with comodo dragon all the way :slight_smile:

I installed it this morning and apart from my "bookmarking"query which I posted about in the help forum I have found I like it enough already for it to depose Firefox as my default browser. Good job again from Melih and the gang. Thanks loads.

Are we sure that Comodo is the fastest and the most secure browser in the world?
We have to have some test to prove that before me made this kind of statements…
Maybe ask some company to make this kind of test… or change this description to one of the fastest in the world.

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Agreed, but I would like to see some kind of test for this as browsers won’t be a problem to test unlike CIS…

I have finally put v15 on, and im really impressed! I was running Chrome 15 for a bit, test driving, then installed Dragon, and Dragon on my system, is actually snappier then Chrome… One thing i have noticed right away, going to youtube, videos in dragon, when you kick them up to 720p then full screen, it is instant, unlike Chrome that lags and has to buffer… As i stated though, so none take this wrong, this is on my system i am noticing this. All i can say to Comodo is :-TU

anyone can test their browser speed guys…

Also Melih, what about adding a multi-row bookmark bar option? That is the only thing keeping from using Dragon fulltime at home, I use it full time at work because I don’t have as many bookmarks, but I would like to use it at home also.

Thanks for the link.