Comodo Dragon v97.0.4692.71 32 bit & 64 bit Beta is available for Beta testing

Hi Everyone,

Comodo Dragon v97.0.4692.71 32 bit & 64 bit Beta are now available for Beta testing.

NOTE: RC & Beta versions should not be run on production systems.

Bugs Fixed:
-Fixed toolbar and tab color in Incognito mode

New Features:

Updated to Chromium v97 codebase.

Known bugs:

  1. After installation a shortcut isn’t created on the taskbar on Windows 10.
  2. Chrome Sync not working.


Live Update URL:


md5: 05C1692BD840567896C5D47A0DF1A271
SHA1: A04566C734D16B56F1294B87F0A12535E751CD7E
SHA-256: 6CE7158190F22DCECB53C3C30620E153E5A472E4AD5BDFEB28911CD6E30D1EAD



Live Update URL:


md5: 1EA6B0208A7326768D7064A9EB65616A
SHA1: AC56F6D9C9CD4B2001E4A84607760B90B444FC6A
SHA-256: 93390CD43FAC418BECB037104D2D8F922EC541B27C2BE91E4150886083A97C17


Edit : Works nice (portable) on my Windows 10 Pro 21H1

Known Problems on my End

Reset Settings Option Un-Usable

Unrelated Settings Under Sound Preferences

Low Resolution Icons of Shortcut Websites

Drag & Drop Bug

Missing Turkish Translations (with Suggestion of these)

Waiting Feature Requests

HTTPS Everywhere & uBlock Origin Wish


Clipboard Protection

Obsolete Share Page Extension of Dragon

Downloaded the 64 bit version, but when run, it shows as 32 bit in System Explorer and doesn’t proceed to installation

Hi Ploget,

Can you tell us the country you downloaded this beta version from and what link have you used?

Thank you.

Comodo Dragon Team

Based in the UK and downloaded from the link for the 64 bit in the first posting

Can you please try to download it again from this link?

Thank you.

Comodo Dragon Team

Sure - I’ll try that. This what is showed on the first attempt for your info

Well despite what is showed; after sitting and watching it for about 10 minutes, it did start and updated the installed 64 bit correctly. No idea why it took that long, but it works :slight_smile:

Thank you for letting us know.
We’re glad that eveything works as it supposed to.

Comodo Dragon Team

Do you want us to test anything, Vasi ? How can we help you on this matter?

Please remove this nagging homepage changer.
Does Comodo really need this? Changing hompages considered as malicious activity.

FWIW, Comodo very likely makes money with their home page/search engine deals. As long as I can change it, it does not bother me.

I wonder how much money Comodo earns from Dragon? Does Dragon secure & private browser from Comodo? or Dragon is a marketing & own data collection tool from Comodo to make money. So what’s the point of using old cored and not working browser as stated?

Hello yigido,

Each user is able to decide for himself what software wants or prefers to use, so let them do this.

We accept all the opinions but please let’s have them without bashing Comodo products or it’s brand.

Thank you,

Diana - Comodo Dragon Team

Hi Diana,

I played the bad guy* here. Sometimes, I think ,this is necessary to avoid being closed to criticism.
I am trying to do everything on my side as a user. On the other hand, without wasting my time to writing any of this I could have uninstall the dragon and gone on my way. But I am trying to help here.

Just inform to you,

Hi Dragon Team,

Chrome Stable 98 Released which fixes 27 security fixes. :-La

What about Dragon’s new Chromium core number? 97 or 98 ?