Comodo Dragon vs Brave in terms of Privacy & Security

Hello Dragon Devs,

We are discussing with friends about daily browser alternatives on forum here.

A friends asked “What about Comodo Dragon”? I said I do not use it. Then I wonder about it.

Brave browser removed many things from Chromium codebase for their best of worst browsers.
Please see their page, What Chromium features are removed from Brave for privacy/security reasons?

The question is, What Chromium features are removed from Dragon for privacy/security reasons?

Dragon is free-proprietary software, I know. Can you please give us the list of privacy features & security features of Dragon?

On your site, “Dragon is more private than Chrome, faster than Chrome” it is not happening in real world just typing these on the website…

Don’t tell me you are bashing the product! I am just trying to learn about it.


Heres a link to what comodo removed.
Can you please give us the list of privacy features & security features of Dragon?

you can use it in virtual mode too. Just click on “switch to virtual mode”. or virtual desktop, Comodo Secure Shopping<–you can use any of the browser u want with any of these. That takes care of the browser security even if dragon is a version or two behind and especially if your using CIS or CF with/ autosandbox and/or hips. All you really need is a primary and secondary browser. if one site dont work, the other browser will. i dont care about browser features for any browser. That’s what extensions are.

As for brave, it has its own ad blocking (I’m happier using ublock orgin) or you can receive ads and get paid for it It called “BAT” (I dont think the payout for users is worth it

a more granular details here :slight_smile: Also click on the nightly builds also

on that site ignore
TRACKING QUERY PARAMETERS (Ublock orgin can do that too in any browser

Firefox has better privacy out of the box compared to chrome

Last thing. besides ublock orgin. Comodo Secure Shopping and/or virtual desktop is the best security enhancement for any browser. Here’s a picture
of features that Comodo Secure Shopping can provide and no extension could ever do

Just to be sure Jay, what browsers will Comodo Secure Shopping support?

what browsers will Comodo Secure Shopping support?

It doesnt say, so based on this person

Comodo Secure Shopping does not support Chromium based Microsoft Edge browser

I am using Windows 10 64 bit (October Update 2020). Everyone knows that Microsoft Edge (chromium based) is built-in and default browser for Windows 10, but I am extremely surprised that still Comodo Secure Shopping does not support Microsoft Edge browser. All major browser works like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, but not built-in Microsoft Edge browser. Why?

I usually use firefox (nightly edition), And comodo dragon. I dont use it when playing games online. I hope they fix the issue with edge though :slight_smile:

Off topic but…

May I know for what specific reason(s) you use Firefox nightly edition?
Does it provide better privacy or other controls not found in the standard edition?

Brave Rewards does not replace ads in the pages. It is not injecting into pages. You can block all ads while you are recieving BAT. The Brave Ads are small pop-up ads which are not related with webpages. Another Brave ad is sponsored background images of browser’s blank page.
It is the same how Bing shows great nature images, Brave shows you sponsored background adn gives you BAT (money)
No need to withdraw this money, or you do not need to wallet to use this money. You can easily donate those to the content creators you love.
Great mechanism if you ask me… because current ad system is collapsed.

Thanks for the link. :-TU

A bit odd to see that Brave out of the box fails on the “Fingerprinting resistance tests”.
It seems that LibreWolf gives out of the box best privacy protection and also Tor with some add-ons installed gives great or best privacy protection.

Hi jay2007tech,

Is Microsoft edge doesn’t support on CSS on your end?
FYI: We have checked and Microsoft edge is running without any issues in CSS.