Comodo Dragon v55.0.2883.59 is now available for download.

Hello everyone,

We’re very pleased to announce the release of Comodo Dragon Version v55.0.2883.59

Release notes:
Updated code to Chromium 55.xx
New features

  • Added support for extra Audio/Video codecs e.g. AAC,MP3/H.264 (;
  • Improved HTTPS details over Chromium;
  • Improved EV certificate notification;
  • Improvements to MediaDownloader;
  • Addition of the Widevines DRM Plug-in which means support for such sites are Amazon Video and Netflix.

Features removed from Dragon 55.xx:

  • Price Suggester

Direct download for Dragon 55.0.2883.59:

File hashes:
MD5: 78dcd9c19709f2532c307291e2b15e4e
SHA-1: a2b438c372c8a6332939255a27380aa2cc971fb2


The Comodo Dragon Team

Fixed broken link. JoWa

Finally, thank you!

Congratulations with the release. Good to see a new build. :-TU

Edit. What are the https improvements that were added and how did the EV cert notifcation change?

Still the translate is none.

Good job guys.

Thanks for the update :-TU. Roll on v57 and future releases of Dragon.


Thanks for the update. :slight_smile:

Drag&Drop feature not working on my side, FYI
Windows 7 SP1 64bit - Comodo Dragon latest release

;D More than happy with 55! I can see social media videos again! :-TU Thank you!
Bring on 57 8)

Installed this yesterday. 2 problems: every time I start Comodo, I get a popup from Comodo security saying dragon.exe is trying to change my browser settings. I have said no, don’t AND OK, but it still comes up every time. Also when I restarted, my screen resolution was set to max (tiny print for an old guy) and the resolution setting in Windows (10) is grayed out. que pasa?

Google released stable v.57 in Mar 14th, 2017
Google scheduled to release v.58 in Apr 25th, 2017

Our Dragon has never been closer to catch Google on releases :-TU Go on Shane and team…

Please ask for Turkish translations from Turkey Office, here are the un-translated strings in interface. (barely visible ones for me)


See attached to see the differences, those on the left are dragon and the right from chrome. Also dragon provides detailed information when you hover the mouse over those areas whereas in chrome it simple says view site information. Pretty cool feature.

Works for me, can you provide an example on how it doesn’t work for you?

Edit: To the dragon team, any plans to release a 64-bit version?

First of all, thank you for Comodo Dragon! Thinking about the delay of this version, I am still curious if there’s anything we can do as the community to support the Dragon Team keeping up with latest Chromium releases, other than cheering here up :slight_smile:

Next, I want to report a bug. When I try to navigate, I am getting this error:
This site can’t be reached refused to connect.
Checking the connection
Checking the proxy and the firewall

I live in Nederlands, my VPN is inactive and FF (52) and Chrome (57) have no problem connecting to that website.
I tried connecting through a VPN server in USA but still get same error.

Is working here connecting to the website from the NL without a proxy.

Is there a way to create a debug/log file that shows internal state of CD?
Or is there any other information that I can provide?
Developer Tools doesn’t help; no requests are shown under network tab. It just refuses to contact that website. Almost funny.

Yep dragan can’t connect but IE 11 and edge can access the site just fine, interesting to say the least.

Ok looks like an issue with using comodo secure dns, open chrome://settings then scroll down to select show advanced settings and un-check enable malware domain filtering. Then from a command prompt run ipconfig /flushdns and try again.

Hi Guys,
Disabling ‘malware domain filtering (ComodoSecure DNS)’ found under security in the advanced settings allows the site to load.

Kind regards.

Edit: You just beat me futuretech. :-TU

Is there any news on a newer version of Dragon. Google Chrome (32bit) 57.0.2987.98 was added to on Date Added: Mar 12, 2017. Been over a month with no version close to 57. Is the plan to roll out a newer version when the new version of cis (stable version, not beta version)?

Re: Comodo Dragon v52.15.25.664 is now available for download.
« Reply #42 on: February 23, 2017, 02:27:57 PM »

We want to catch Chromium 57 a week or so after it’s release. We intent to keep up with Chromium releases.

Re: Comodo Dragon Beta Version 55.0.2883.56 (h.264/MP3,AAC/Widevies support)
« Reply #8 on: March 01, 2017, 08:35:08 AM »

This version of the browser has been improved vastly. We’ve added audio/video codec support. Our goal is to keep up with Chromium releases with our next target Dragon 57 shortly and the the Chromium 57 release.

Beta Corner - CD / Comodo Dragon Beta Version 55.0.2883.56 (h.264/MP3,AAC/Widevies support)
« on: February 23, 2017, 02:23:09 PM »

Our current plan is to skip Dragon 56 and move to Dragon 57 aiming for a release of Dragon 57 release around the 3rd week in March, shortly after Chromium 57.