Comodo Dragon Beta Version Beta preview is now available.

Hi All,

We’re very pleased to announce the release of Comodo Dragon Beta Version This beta version of Comodo Dragon can be downloaded from:
MD5: 9828018251cd400646a3f117aa8c924a

This version isn’t intended for mass distribution, just a preview for you and as a result is not signed with a production certificate and will show an unknown publisher warning.

NOTE: Comodo Dragon Beta Version is available for beta testing and should not be used on production systems.

Comodo Dragon and Chromodo both share the same amazing DNA built for speed, security and privacy with Comodo Dragon brand being aimed at our beloved loyal users and Chromodo aimed at a wider audience for those who like the Chrome/Chromium experience but seamlessly want the Dragon DNA.

The GA release of Comodo Dragon 42 will follow at the beginning of next week.


The Comodo Browser Team.

Congrats guys!

Love my dragon!

Thank you :-TU
but I see no difference between Chromodo and Dragon. Thank you again.

Wonderful. I’m happy to see Comodo catching up with its browsers… :-TU :■■■■

I am with you, just the ‘Dragon’ name alone is what makes it special. :-TU


And the changelog is where.

Finally… :slight_smile:

Wonder about the changelog here also

Based on Chromium 43 that version?

I understand from this sentence that Chromodo and Dragon are the exact same browsers, only Dragon is themed different, that’s all. But some users here in the forum claim that Dragon has more security features that Chromodo lacks, is that true?

Dragon 42 or 43?

Comodo Media Grabber have stopped working again for me on YouTube. :frowning:

Worked on the latest stable Chromodo but not on the Dragon Beta.

Thanks dev’s.

This new beta is very fast and works great.

It also works with Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit. Chromodo v42 didnt work with it. So great work!

Also works good with hekasoft backup and restore. A program that backs up your browser, extensions, profile and bookmarks.

Keep up the great work!


Remember to add this to your target, or else this beta is vulnerable to Logjam:


You can test if it works here:

Good to see both the ‘Clear At Exit’ and ‘Portable’ options available. :-TU

Please bring back the good old Dragon’s orb. I miss it. BTW, are you planning to release the 64-bit version?

Please yes, I agree.

Hmm, can stable version be updated to beta version or will that install beta version side by side? Essentially I’d like to update without having to redo everything, I have settings for extensions that I wouldn’t want to use (Have had a bad time trying to copy them from installation to installation, usually results in corrupt extensions instead)

Hi Sanya,
The Beta version will replace your current installed version.

The only difference I noticed was PrivDog is replaced with AdSanitizer, everything else remained intact as far as I can see.

Kind regards.

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Will there be a 64 bit version?

This will truly clinch it for me. I know there may not be many benefits to it on the surface, but my PC seems to benefit from less unreliability running 64 bit products

I’m ecstatic about this beta release and the upcoming stable version. I had given up almost any hope of a major update to this outstanding browser. :-TU

UPDATE: Just installed Comodo Dragon Beta Version over v36.1.1.22 and it installed flawlessly. All previously installed extensions remained intact.

Bug: Closing last tab will not close the browser or open a new tab, if you close the last tab then the contents of the last tab will remain on screen even though the tab is closed.
Expected Behavior: Browser should close.
Only an issue when the browser is maximized.

Bug: Dragon://plugins etc doesn’t work
Expected Behavior: Dragon:// to work
Workaround: Chrome:// works.

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