Comodo Dragon 43 is now available for download.

Hi All,

We’re very pleased to announce the release of Comodo Dragon Version 43. Comodo Dragon Version 43 can be downloaded from:

Comodo Dragon and Chromodo both share the same amazing DNA built for speed, security and privacy with Comodo Dragon brand being aimed at our beloved loyal users and Chromodo aimed at a wider audience for those who like the Chrome/Chromium experience but seamlessly want the Dragon DNA.


The Comodo Browser Team.

Direct download link:

MD5: F8349C9025FDD069E7969544E10597EB
SHA-1: 0CF8D7A4E4AB58A40B4E9508980521F86B1A4FD8

Any release notes? What has changed etc?

I can at least say that the clear-at-exit bug where it didn’t shut down the browser (from Dragon 43.1 Beta) is fixed. :-TU

Thank you for the update and whatever it incorporates, being based on more recent chromium I am sure updating can mostly be regarded as a good thing

Note to all - I dont think POODLE and LogJam vulnerabilities are solved with this version ( I think we need updating to one of the v45 chromium source ), so you still need to apply some command line switches to the icon properties

Shane, do you know why the download of dragonsetup is failing? Do you have a fix for that?
I started a thread earlier today with the title ‘Comodo Dragon can’t be downloaded.’ It says, ‘I have been trying to download dragonsetup.exe today. The download fails at 39MB or 72%. I have tried from the main Comodo site and Filehippo, Softpedia, CNET. I have used Firefox and IE. I tried from my default location (London) and from a VPN server in Paris. I tried downloading to different local folders.’

That continues.

Congratulations with the release.

I added a direct download link with file hashes.

Congratulations with the release. :-TU

Great work dev’s.

Any changelog?

great work guys!

Thanks :-TU

Well yeah, congratulations and everything but the download still fails when 39MB has been downloaded. I tried with a different computer, and the same result - I can’t download Dragon from

or anywhere else.

Can you download other things of similar or greater size?

Great, thanks! 8)

Seems nothing, just chromium code update.
Im still wondering why so late released and much later soon a release-news.

Seems like the troublesome “system extensions” (using the flag --show-component-extension-options ) are not listed anymore in v.43:
no “Google Now”, no “Easy Flash Download” (though it is present in the extensions directory), no “Hotword Detection”

Can someone from the staff confirm they’ve successfully get rid of it, and its not just cosmetic masking?
If so, it is a very welcomed step (in contrast to Chromodo, which bundles all of the above in v.43).

Also, regarding chrome://voicesearch - I see now the extension elements there marked as undefined, but the “Microphone” and “Audio Capture Allowed” are all set to “Yes” - some more clarification on those is more than welcomed…

And of course - congrats on catching up with the official chrome in terms of chromium base version!!! It has been a long time since we’ve seen it happening…

I’m still seeing them

On another note, Bringing the following here because the Secure DNS forum is like a desert with tumbleweed blowing thorugh mostly …

I replied to the following posts

Which have not been replied to since April this year :

For what its worth ( if anyone even visits this part of the forum anymore ) ..

Experienced the same problem a few times over the last week. More annoyingly in the last two hours today

Turn off Secure DNS in Comodo Dragon, and the internet again works fine.

Also experiencing redirects to Cloud Flare on page load errors. When did that rubbish get introduced, if I get a page error I want to see a page error, not a frigging redirect. Stop messing with the way things are supposed to work

Duplicating here because now that Dragon has an option in settings to set Secure DNS ( whatever dns address that setting uses seems to be different from the ones I have set in my machines internet settings for Primary and secondary DNS, which are working fine … Unless this is something similar to Privdog where some kind of certificate undermining is redirecting us in association with enforcing https, or maybe even a super hidden plugin or extension which cannot be revealed with even a command line switch eh ?, who knows what comodo are trying to do to us these days )

So to make this clear

I have set my Primary and Secondary DNS as per instructions here …

And I have turned off Comodo Dragon Advanced setting …
“Enable Malware Domain Filtering ( Comodo Secure DNS )”

And the internet works fine

If I turn on the advanced setting in Dragon, a lot of page loads do not work at all, and I end up getting redirected to that Cloud Flare rubbish

So whats the story Comodo ?

Hi w33d3r,
The Google now and Hotword extensions/modules appear to be removed from Dragon 43, but not Chromodo 43.

The Easy Flash download extension is simply a helper service to point users who require Flash to the correct plug-in, not troublesome but beneficial.
This service has saved the Forum from getting inundated with transition from NPAPI support to PPAPI support.

Kind regards.

Are you sure you still see them in Dragon v.

If yes - how? and where?

(Also response from the staff on this, as elaborated in my previous post here, would be great…)

My mistake on one of them, Google Now is no longer showing, so there has been progress since the last update …

But the rest ( Chromium PDF viewer / Easy Flash Download / HTTPS enforcement ) are still in the hidden extensions revealed by using the command line switch --show-component-extension-options

Hi w33d3r,
I do not want any of the the above features removed.
A lot of users waited a long time to see the PDF viewer and print preview feature added.

Also as Ozan (Dev) has pointed out component extensions (Easy Flash Download/HTTPS Enforcement) are not like regular extensions and considered part of the browser.
Adding specific features in this way is utilizing the browser multi process architecture, resulting in a safer more reliable browser.

All software composes of many features (Not just plugins), some features are more clearly visible than other features but they all add substance and functionality.
Please don’t let vulnerabilities in past plugin architecture cloud your judgement with the current, this could result in spreading FUD among other users.

Remember plugins are just another format for adding features.


I’m specifically concerned about “Google Now” and “Hotword Detection”.

I’m fine with PDF viewer being there.
However “Easy Flash Download” is just an overlay for one specific site to temporarily assist NPAPI->PPAPI transition, there is absolutely no reason for it to be “part of a browser”. I still see it in the install directory, but it is not listed in the extension list, so probably it is out already.
Edit:“Easy Flash Download” is indeed still there up and running

“HTTPS Enforcement” - that is not a bad addition, but I think it should be delivered as a standard extension (which you can disable). Some people may prefer HTTPS Everywhere instead.

And besides, the beauty of having extensions framework and incorporating it to deliver non-critical browser features - is the “toggleability” of it - being able to turn off entire modules. Providing some UI in settings to turn off/on the non-vital extensions/features (Chromium PDF viewer / Easy Flash Download / HTTPS enforcement) is also would satisfy users, but just letting it be an ordinary, non-hidden/non-“integrated” extension is a simpler solution…