Comodo Dragon 36.1 is now available for download.

Hi All,

Comodo Dragon 36.1 is now available for download from

MD5: 58AF80270BCD0B58185DCE8B609CC2A2
SHA-1: 66DCE4C920A79857972697B303C284D933A72AC3

Noteworthy elements in the new version.

  • Dragon has been upgraded to Chromium 36.0.1985.97.
  • Adobe Flash stability and performance issues resolved.
  • Improved PrivDog privacy tool feature handling and compatibility.
  • New improved visual look with increased usability and performance from previous version of Dragon.
  • Full support for Chromium Theme which often were broken in the previous Dragon.
  • Refreshed application icon.
  • Numerous bug fixes.

Unlike the previous Chromium Secure release, all existing Dragon features have been implemented in this Dragon release.


The Dragon Team.

Download link changed. This link will provide v36.1. I also added file hashes. Eric

“New improved visual look”

Hmmmmm…I like the old one better… :-X

Hello, This is Criss.

I’m sorry to say this but I don’t like The new version of Comodo Dragon, Which is exactly looks like Google Chrome. I don’t like Google Chrome which is why I’m using Comodo Dragon because of the Layout and I loved it alot. After I updated the latest version of Comodo Dragon, I immediately uninstalled it because the layout is not so good, the tittle bar is big, not like the previous version and not so polish and yes now is exactly looks like Google Chrome. The previous of Comodo Dragon were unique and perfect, the tittle bar, layout style, everything.

Is there anyway I can get the previous version of Comodo Dragon ? I’ll be using it again If I can get the previous version.


Hi Guys,

Personally I love the new look and so do a lot of our initial testing groups.

Unfortunately like art or iOS vs Android vs Samsung TouchWiz, a visual look is always going to please some people and others will have a different preference.

Using Comodo Dragon is about security and privacy above all and the team has delivered an extremely good browser to keep us all safe and protected on the Internet.

Keep all your views coming, it’s great to hear your feedback.


When the new release come? What is your update schedule ?
Sorry for but we all know Chromium 36 core is old base :-TD

It could be a trick of the eye, the title bar is the same size in the previous version. The Comodo Logo has just been moved from right to left and coloured Comodo Red instead of white. The colours used have also been corrected and now are the same as the colours you see here on the forums.

We moved the placement of the Dragon Button to the right to speed up future development. Our goal is bring faster updates and this is one sacrifice we chose to make so we can upgrade quicker. If we have a huge demand for it’s return, we can bring it back.

One other huge plus with this version is that now we have full support for Chromium Themes. This means if you don’t like the look there are literally hundreds and hundreds of themes our there that will now work correct whereas before they did not.


Congratulations with the release Shane. :slight_smile:

I am happy to see Comodo moving forward again after having hired new people.

This is another reason for the visual theme change, we feel it’s more important to get an improved release schedule than to spends a lot of time coding the GUI. We’d rather be coding security and privacy than moving a logo or a button from left to right.

We’re already started on the next release which will be a lot quicker now we’ve put the base work in place.


Thnx for the new Dragon but now it just looks like CS with a Black Theme and that is sad. Sure a little face lift would have been ‘ok’ but now so is the Dragon feel/look is totally gone. :frowning:

Like the new Icon for it though.

Flash still crashes with the extension ‘HTTPS Everywhere’ is installed/enabled. Thought that it would be addressed Shane since our little talk about it. And what about the built-in translation function. It should have been addressed by now also. :frowning:

Thank you. We have a whole new team added to the existing team. We are very serious about our browser.

Our goal now is to get an improved release schedule.


Thanks for the reply. I hope (only thing that I have against Comodo) the new release come quick.

I’ll push this 3rd party extension crash issue to the dev team now. They’l probably PM you.

I’m informed that the translation service is a Google service now available in the Open Chromium world. My own personal view (not one of Comodo) is that Google are increasingly making Chromium less open.


Sorry to tell you this but if you read the comments in this subforum you’ll see everyone disagrees with your initial testing groups.

How can you “love” the new look if it’s just identical to chrome? How is that a good thing?


then why did you change the UI?

Does this mean we can’t have our old UI? Ever?

Thnx for the reply Shane :slight_smile:

I’ve got the same kinda feeling Shane that Google wanna have more and more control of their ‘open-source’ browser code.

The ‘Google Translate’ extension have 2 work for now then. :wink:

I’m going to say what I said in the other thread for Chromium Secure (when there wasn’t a Dragon release thread)

This isn’t Comodo Dragon, this is Comodo Chromium Secure Black Edition, sure it may have features that was missing in Chromium Secure but that’s because the release of Chromium Secure was missing these features and you’ve said yourself that the aim is to have both versions have all features and then makes the difference about the UI, which brings me to my point, the layout is exactly like Chromium Secure but black…


  • The new icons for back, forward, refresh and home page looks worse in my opinion
  • The menu button was switched from the left side to the right side
  • Dragon icon removed from menu button
  • The whole interface is now black
  • The black in the body interface and the grey in the title bar doesn’t even fade properly (extremely ugly)
  • The tabs now have the Chrome style instead of the Comodo Dragon straight side style


  • New Chromium core

One of the main reasons I used Comodo Dragon was because of the visual differences from Chrome.

And the situation here is much more different than a simple ios vs Android debate, imagine if Android users suddenly got a new update that made it look exactly like ios and they couldn’t change it back, that’s the situation here. I am a user that liked the old layout and style of Comodo Dragon and it was updated after many months to a version that completely changed the UI for worse (personal opinion)

So in my opinion the new UI is everything but an improvement, and it’s not more usable for me, the menu button on the right side has caused problems for me, it means the tabs are further to the left (because of the lack of a menu button there) which means that I can’t reach the first tab when I have the browser on my secondary monitor because the CIS widget is in front of it (always-on-top) which means I can’t re-arrange the first tab on that monitor, besides that the new menu button is inconveniently placed in my opinion, I am more often on the left of the screen with my cursor which means getting to the button now requires moving further and going back and forth over the screen. Honestly I don’t understand what you mean is improved in usability, it’s only worse from my experience.

I can understand that, but for me this is no longer Comodo Dragon, it is Chromium Secure but black, and since you said yourself that if we don’t like it, we can use themes, so why even make another release of Comodo Dragon then? Why not make it all Chromium Secure and point to themes? Besides that I can’t find any themes that I like, especially not any change changes the position of the menu button.

To me Comodo Dragon has been discontinued, it’s now Chromium Secure & Chromium Secure Black Edition.

I see no reason to stick with Comodo Dragon now, Chromium Secure is the same but doesn’t have the black, however I did not like Chromium Secure, and I don’t like the layout of this Chromium Secure Black Edition either, I’ll be looking for a replacement, god knows there aren’t any (up to date) but I’ll at least try.

Edit: It seems that for each time Comodo updates something, I get increasingly Cynical… Hmm.

great work guys!

I would like the “dragon eye” in the top left re-added but apart from that I don’t mind the theme changes.
I wonder if you could submit the update as a false positive to Avast! as you have to disable Avast! to update.

Any1 managed 2 get the new version off the link in the 1st post. No matter what i do so do i get the old v33.1 :frowning:

Sad to say this… Black edition of comodo secure… It feels as though the dragon became a lamb, following the herd of google chrome

I am a user who uses bookmarks toolbar . Clicking a folder the name disappear. Really bad design integration.

Overall look has gone from 10 to 1 in just one release. Had been sticking to Dragon for its visual looks plus privacy options available. Not sure why product management team took such a drastic decision without even a user poll to see if chrome look was what users were looking for (chromium secure was already released, forum posts suggests most users like dragon looks) and with this decision probably alienating the existing user base.

Hope the old look can be brought back… If the option requires i disable theme… Very well happy to do so… never used other themes.

The new browser works great.

But when i visit youtube and get install plugin (flash) the flash site still loops, and nothing happens.

I added pepperflash and the youtube videos work, but you need to fix that flashplayer site loop thingy.

A tip for all people who dont like the new black theme, just install a bright one from chrome webshop :slight_smile: