Comodo doesn't disable windows 8 firewall anymore?

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Just to add to this, if you Disable the Windows 8 Firewall through Services, then the Windows app store will not function properly.

If you want to turn off the firewall use Control Panel, Windows Firewall. This keeps the service running and allows Metro apps to function properly and also prevents it from interfering with Comodo firewall.

Still happy with Win7… :wink:

Thank you guys for your replies. I think I’ll skip windows 8 and 8.1. I’ll remain on windows 7 as much as possible.

Sounds like a plan :-TU

Thx for appreciation. But from the beginning my concerns wasn’t for me, because I can manually disable firewall, was for beginner users, without their knowledge they will have 2 firewall activated, which no matter what others say, having 2 firewalls will always cause problems, so I’m very skeptical about the features of 3rd party firewall, if thing evolving in this way. Who knows what W9 will bring :-\

Comodo should show an info popup about it to warn the user.

Yep at least this :-TU

With W8.1 beta coming next month I’m curios to see if this (issue) will be fixed, or better said if Comodo will be able to stop windows firewalls. But I guess this will be clear when guys will start testing the beta. Let’s hope we have light to the issue at that time. If anyone have more things to add to this small, but important issue, I’m curious to see your thoughts.

I doubt this will change. Microsoft have changed the goalposts for third-party security vendors. As I mentioned earlier, the Windows firewall being left on is how it’s supposed to be. At least that’s what I was told when I asked the question of the developers.

Ok this bring light to the problem. Thank you for sharing the info. Well I guess this bring us to the end of this topic. Thank you again guys for your kindness to reply to my topic. :■■■■

Saying that Comodo & Windows Firewall won’t conflict doesn’t imply that they talk to each other to make one decision or share rules. All it means is that they will both run in a layered approach. Some people will like this idea, especially the security extremists. As in any serial approach, the layers will each get their turn to pass/deny the traffic… but both need to pass it in order for communication to succeed. That is why:

  • Windows will never have as many rules as comodo. If comodo blocks the traffic first, windows firewall never saw the traffic to be inspired to ask to block it / create a rule
  • If one allowed the traffic through comodo, then windows has a chance to see it, and the user can made a conflicting decision/rule to block at this point. Because one of the layers blocks it, it is blocked

Just because the two firewalls can co-exist doesn’t make it a good idea. Personally, I’d much rather only having one rules stack to troubleshoot, not two. That’s why I disable windows firewall with Comodo installed.

Well thanks for sharing your opinion. Here we have something in common. I still hope that comodo will turn off windows 8 like it did in windows 7, personally I don’t see the point of two firewalls. I’ve ask Greg Salvato from Privacyware, if Privatefirewall stops windows 8 firewall, and here is the answer:
"Yes – as far as I know, when Windows detects Privatefirewall as being installed and enabled, the Windows Firewall is disabled. I can only speculate about why other third party firewall apps might not be implemented in this way. It could something related to the underlying architecture of their solution (WFP versus ndis filter driver) or a perceived adequate level of compatibility/stability/performance when both run simultaneously. ". So that being said, comodo firewall is an independent apps and doesn’t need the windows firewall, or something has changed?

Turn off Windows 8 Firewall in the Control Panel and you’ll be fine.
Just don’t disable it through Services, that’s when problems will occur.

Thank you for your reply. I know that. If this “trouble” is by default, to don’t allow 3rd party to disable windows 8 firewall anymore, this is a good addition for security, because windows 8 firewall can’t be disable by malware anymore. But since I’ve talk with Greg Salvato, I started to have doubt about comodo firewall. If windows 8 firewall is turn off automatically when detects PrivateFirewall installed and enabled. Then the question remain: Why with Comodo would be any different?

As and additional info: I see that Online Armor turn off windows 8 firewall on installation. So… :-\

OK one more question for windows 8 users( !ot!):
Is windows 8 defender disabled(turned off) when CIS, or CAV installed?

Yes, for me at least.

Thx for your response. Good to know this :-TU

Yes Defender is turned off.
I have also tested a couple other AV programs with firewalls.
Avast I.S. will leave windows 8 firewall on.
Panda Cloud A.V. Pro will turn off Windows 8 Firewall.

My own opinion is that running multiple firewalls simply causes confusion and headache.
I’ve had Windows 8 firewall turned off with C.I.S. 6 since the day the first beat came out with absolutely zero problems.