Comodo doesn't disable windows 8 firewall anymore?

From what I read Comodo doesn’t disable(stops) windows 8 firewall anymore, because they can work together, is this true? Also if windows 8 firewall is turned off you can’t download apps from market, again is this true? Thank you, I’ll wait your answers :slight_smile:

The Windows Firewall on my Windows 8 machine was not disabled so I had to do that myself, the reason for that I don’t know and sure I guess they CAN work together but why would I want that?

I disabled the Windows Firewall myself the first thing I did after installing CIS and I can download and install apps from the market so I don’t think that is true.

Not sure about working together or apps since I don’t use Windows 8. The Windows firewall service also runs in Windows 7 so must be other OS as well but the firewall itself will be switched off so I don’t really see any issues. I keep the Windows firewall service enabled in case something goes wrong with my Comodo Firewall (new version install) so I can quickly switch to Windows one.

I had to turn it off the firewall, it was not done automatically by Comodo.

So this is normal? Or is a bug? IMO it’s not normal that comodo doesn’t disable windows firewall anymore ???

When CIS 6 is installed, the Windows 8 firewall is left on by design…

Ok thank you for this. But left on by CIS? Or Comodo hasn’t made this possible yet (since windows 7 firewall and windows 8 firewall are pretty much the same)?

Yes, on Windows 7 the firewall is disabled by COMODO installation package.
On Windows 8 it’s not.

Hopefully devs can help in this regard, or any word from Egeman?

The only way to disable Windows apps and store on 8 is to completely remove Windows Live components. The whole design depends on Windows Live.

On all of the computers I have installed CIS v6 on the windows firewall all have been left enabled, so not sure why as CIS has a firewall, but presume in case where you uninstall or update CIS the computer is still protected from network or internet borne threats, is only reason I can think of, hopefully someone in the know can let us all know which is correct, enabled or disabled :-\

Ok thanks for the info, good to know

Yes and No, in windows 7 for ex. if you uninstall CIS windows firewalls is re-enable, so don’t see why in windows 8 will be any difference.

+1 to that, I’m also curios to see what Egeman has to say.

I have disabled the windows firewall on my main win7 computer, ever since patch tuesday a couple months ago its been chatty as hell for some reason, so I re-configured it but left enabled which seem to fix it, then last patch tuesday it started doing same thing only 10x or so worse sigh , got pops telling me its blocked program X on regular basis, so have totally disabled it for good, have no idea what made it start blocking programs like it has, maybe some patch or other, but now running with just the CIS firewall and back to peace and happiness ;D

This is why I don’t like windows firewall anymore, doesn’t give you the full control, I mean you have to do everything manually which isn’t pretty, and you lose a lot of time trying to make changes and setting, this is why CIS is brilliant. So I hope something to be done in windows 8 direction, I know you can stop windows 8 firewall your self, but since CIS is do it on W7, why in W8 would be any difference?

This is what Ronny says:
“Since Windows 8, CIS no longer disables Windows Firewall, as they should be able to exist next to each other.
CIS registers what it desires to filter. So in theory it should work fine.”

So if I disable windows firewall “not the service” and “only” run CIS6, does that mean i’m not getting full firewall security in windows 8.
Or is it OK to disable windows firewall in Security Center and use “only” CIS6 suite?

And I always thought having two firewall on at the same time would create conflict.

Same here, it’s only reading this post I checked Windows firewall and it was fully enabled. Yes, having two firewalls does cause conflicts and Comodo firewall is the best you can get so disable Windows

Just want to clear this doubt once and for all

Official Answer

Microsoft does not allow us to do so in Windows 8. Windows 8 certification program prevents us from doing so. Windows 8 firewall doesn’t conflict with Comodo firewall but if you want, you can disable it manually. CFW sees traffic before windows firewall so no problems.

Blame the big blue.

Christarzan. Can you provide us with the url to the quote?

Unfortunately, right now at least, that’s untrue. If you block something explicitly in Windows 8 firewall, it’s blocked, regardless of CIS settings.