COMODO Cloud Scanner 1.0.129202.4 BETA Release !!!

We are happy to announce that COMODO Cloud Scanner 1.0.129202.4 Beta Release is available for download.

What’s new?

  • Comodo Instant Malware Analysis Integration
  • Detects the latest malware
  • Rarely FPs

Known Issues:

  • Some safe files can be reported as Unknown
  • GUI issue when dragging a window over CCS interface
  • GUI issue regarding the last result of Malware & Suspicious section, as initially it missing the expanding “+” sign
  • Rarely CCS crashes when scanning and closing the application before completing

Bug Reports:

Please use to report your bugs. Our moderators collect these bugs and submit them to the devs.

Download Locations:

Setup for Windows Vista 32-bit/64-bit, Windows XP 32-bit/64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit:

Size: 10,7 MB (11.249.616 bytes)
MD5: 0c9b54f62fce5ea6d724a458c42bca98
SHA1: 58ab4112dca60371d975fb531368618853b0ec0f

Thanks for the update :-TU.


Keep it improving guys…
this is now becoming a very nice diagnostic tool!
Yes it can also find hidden processes too! :wink:


Mikey likes it!!! :smiley: Gives you good insight into what you’ve got to do to cleanup your system, great tool, the only thing missing is a nice program updater button down below to the left of the Help me Clean my PC one and it’s a done deal! ;D
*See CCS-2 JPG after a CCleaner & JV16 PowerTools Lite cleanup, much better and still no malware or suspicious files found whatsoever. :smiley:
Regards & Cheers
Xman 8)

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Congratulations with the new release.These are some great additions to the tool. (:CLP) O0

Much, much better :slight_smile:

No false positives on “Malware & suspicious files” anymore :slight_smile: Although I noticed it took more time to scan them ???

Greetz, Red.

yes it took much longer, cos it sent the file to CIMA for realtime analysis etc.
I asked the guys to expose all the communication with our in the cloud services, so that users can see exactly whats happening and not thinking its a slow scan…

Now, with this tool, you can mark a PC clean! something you couldn’t do before :wink:


I would like to try it but can you install it on a user account or do you have to install it on a admin account?


It is recommended to install COMODO Cloud Scanner on an administrator account.

Thank you.

Ok cool thanks for such a fast reply!

Do you have to restart the computer in order to use after installing?


There is no restarting required in order to use COMODO Cloud Scanner.

Just installed it now, gonna give it a try, and will give you my feedback. :wink:

Where do we submit false positives detected by this program? I just installed it today for the first time and it detected an application from my MFP device as Malware? Is it the CIMA part or the definitions? Either way, it may confuse other users, so it needs to be added as safe to CIMA or to the Definitions or CIS/CSS.

I don’t know which is flagging it as Malware, so I don’t know where to upload the sample to. It may have been submitted to Comodo so the details are as follows, but if you need the file, I can upload it:
CRC32: 698F9142
MD5: 552B3B22124110D0251B59440631C249
SHA-1: 6A73C7526E1867D378827A348C7150EAB04347F2

It’s part of the SmarThru Office Suite from Samsung.


To clarify: It’s labeled as “Malware” not as “Suspicious”.

we are putting a button saying Report FPs…

that should be live soon.

In the meanwhile pls submit it to the forum.



I have 567 issues lol no malware or suspicious files. 180 privacy issues, 279 registry errors and 108 junk files. What do I do about them?

Use CSC. :wink:

I attached the file in a zip file. I don’t know where the false positive originated from, either CIMA or the CIS Signatures, so if it’s CIMA, then I don’t know how that would be corrected. The file is originally from here:

Or, if you go here and click on Software, then it’s SmarThru Office:

Thanks. Hope this helps.

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so no unknown files either?
if thats the case, then its a good sign… (and that’s the exact use of CCS…its designed to verdict if a PC is ok)

the rest are for good house keeping…