comodo cloud antivirus when is the release date

Yes…They should release beta/rc…stable release will automatically be ready.

Thanks for keeping us updated Buket. I would much rather wait a couple extra weeks than have a buggy release. Just take your time and make sure everything is working correctly.

I do agree with the others tho we should have at least had another beta release.

It’s no where as good as Alpha testing, especially when unexpected things happen ;D

They seem to have stopped giving us those little bundles of joy we used to have :cry:


with this new release date I guess its time for a new beta or even rc before final…

my feelings are that they are waiting translations for ccav. I guess the language template was released just a couple of days ago…

anyway, an rc would be nice so we can have a better understanding of whats going on with ccav and, maybe, give them our feedbacks about whats not working or what needs to be added for another release cycle after final 1.

Alpha releases are for the true dare devils among us. I am not sure this whining crowd would have the stomach… What do you think? :wink:

Release candidates are always appreciated to see the last big bugs squashed before show time. It would be nice if they would release with multi language support.

Even Beta 2 was not going to be there & was released on users request.
Hope they release RC tomorrow on users request.

I used to be one of those playing with the Alpha’s, spent much time repairing my system from doing so :stuck_out_tongue: ;D Still, love nothing more then getting hands on a fresh product, and driving it full tilt to see what it has, or in some cases, has not :slight_smile:

I’m not as concerned over release date itself as I’m over the fact that nothing looks like they have any intention of fixing CCAV registration with Windows 10 Security Center (Windows keep saying there is no AV) as well as stupid delay when launching things for the first time. No other AV, be it stand alone or cloud exhibit such crazy lag.

Why give fake realease date if you know there is bug.

I totally agree this point. :-TU This lag is freezing whole system, and it is still there.

I already predict that there will be no release at 19th Jan :-\ Comodo cannot keep its own promises about release dates on every product they made…
Then, do not say the time! people are counting seconds here (I do not understand why ;D )

Here is motto guys for you.
Comodo X (X is the software name) will be released when it is ready :-TU

To all members you are entitled to moan as in the previous notice the words used gave you the impression there would be a release on the said date :slight_smile:

Please not the current release date is a provisional date only.

Now to all members any further posts of the above nature will result in further action by the Moderators, which may include a ban. :P0l

Thank you


If you’re unsure, why not just say Q1 2016? It’s a much broad set release “date” but gives you an idea when. It may be in January or it can be up till March…

I was worried what happened to the release dates warning & ban specialists :wink:
Happy to know they are fine :slight_smile:

Nowadays Comodo release release date for the release postpone announcement date… :-TU

no moaning here i would rather have it released right then come out rushed and have many bugs then all will moan about that you put out an unfinished product cant win now can you were unhappy humans :cry: but i was just wondering i have it installed and my question is when the next phase does come out will ccav be updated automatically or will we have to uninstall and reinstall also are we still being protected on the comodo serverswith this beta and getting the latest virus updates when we turn on our computers .it would be nice just to know that our protection is current because there is no sign of being updated and being protected so far all i know the sandbox works and works good in the beginning had a few popups but once checked run out of sandbox all runs well only thing i can say is what everyone else has been saying windows defender should be deactivated.buti have not noticed any problems with defender activated yet.

     take your time on the release and then no one can say the 300+ bugs again,besides cant stand that Kaspersky got the year award
     time to dethrone that  :-TU

My post was a warning post, not to be replied to under any circumstances.

If you do not change your attitude to Comodo and it’s Staff, I am happy to oblige you with a ban if that is what you want.

Do not reply to this post under any circumstances or any other member. PM if you require further advice.


hahaha lol… thats nice…

now, is that any info about what to expect from ccav from now on?

Congratulations, you are now on our radar. That’s an official warning to stop trolling. Do not respond to this in the topic but by pm to any of the moderators.

Can You show us what kind of work is getting done to the first major ccav release? The time is going on and I guess there are some news to come… ? hope for the best on 26th…

Who’s first?

How did we get to this point? I just want to know about CCAV.
Oh yeah, over zealous mods…