comodo cloud antivirus when is the release date

almost there… 2 days for rtm…

only one day left ;D

Comodo can give you 3 surprises tomorrow-

  1. CCAV is released tomorrow.
  2. CCAV release postponed.
  3. No info & Comodo in silent mode.

And as Comodo user I always bet on release & always prepared to lose.
So my bet No.1… come on take all my money.

January 19… :slight_smile:

It was said they are aiming at 21st January…

Where? last that ive seen was the 19th.

They never said such thing… The first date was planned 12th of January… The second date was planned for 18th of January and the first final/major release on 19th of January… Today…

i believe its 5 am in jersey, u.s. :slight_smile:

The last date i seen is that.

we hope that today is the big day.

Has anyone tried any firewall with comodo cloud, and if so, which one?

tipical from comodo, promises, promises

its still early. :slight_smile:

i beliave when i see it.

I guess we will have some delay on the rtm release. Hope its for the best of ccav…

Hi Guys,

We need more time to provide you the best solution!

Please keep waiting for it, our teams are working on the major version still, today we will not be able to make a release, we need 1 more week.

For now our release date is planned for 26th of January, I will update you guys once we are ok to go.

Thank you very much for your kind attention and understanding!

Kind Regards

We knew it. This is 3rd or 4th time you guys have postponed the release. Yea, keep waiting guys…Comodo is going to give you bug free best solution that will need no further updates/upgrades.

You guys dont release beta/rc updates & then keep postponing release. On what basis you guys fix release dates?

As usual another disappointment from Comodo. And guys on 26th Jan you will get “To provide you the best solution…For now our release date is planned for 2nd Feb…Pls keep waiting…”.

It seems like we are not waiting for CCAV release but for 1 week postponed announcement.

As all of you have noticed Comodo has been making optimistic estimations of release dates over the past months. Wouldn’t it make sense instead of complaining when a release date gets changes to ask Comodo to make a bit more conservative estimations?

At Comodo. Could you please make more conservative estimations of release dates? I have been surprised on various occasions with the speediness if not sheer haste in the development of CCAV that I felt it would not be ready for the lime light.

As much as we all want a new and promising product we also want a stable program with sufficient functionality. I’d prefer to wait longer and get a more mature final release of which we all can be proud of.

Other than that. Keep up the good work on this wonderful new product. :-TU

They have postponed release date now for the 4th time. They may have encountered bug or whatever…we get it.

A fairly new product…they issued 2 beta & then final was going to be released on Dec 12. Now after more than a month they are still postponing the release…fine this too we get it for the product stability.

2 beta & then for a month or 2 no beta, rc, release nothing. We dont know what fixes, promised features, etc… are really there or not yet. They just say this will be there, that will be there. They keep on postponing release date. And when they will finally release the product then hope users may not be disappointed that after postponing the release few times still the features they requested, fixes, etc… are not there. Then Comodo will say those are scheduled for version 1.1.

Atleast with beta/rc we get to know the progress of the product, get the info what actually is there in the first version, hows it working, etc…

They should release beta/rc…stable release will automatically be ready.

Don’t you love beta testing? :wink: It is mirky, messy, annoying and many other things other than exciting …

It would be nice to know a bit more though.