Comodo Cloud Antivirus v1.21.465847.842 hotfix release.

Hi All,

We are pleased to announce a hotfix release of Comodo Cloud Antivirus v1.21.458953.792.


SHA1: BE85E35EF8091F305D92F02B9A076E37A99B84B9
SHA256: 99E183ABB50B0B2E597EFE791C332D7AC2BC3481049A44C55CE3EA9F844E4D47


  • Defect with abnormal exit of CCAV.

At this point this release is available only for new installations. We shall release updates to older versions very soon.

Please give it a try and share your feedback.


The problem with the browser Opera is not solved

Clean install . . . . no problems and running well

What are the news and corrections?

Hi megaherz33,

Opera issue will be fixed in the coming release.
Thank you!


When is the next version planned?

It seems there is an incompatibility or issue between CCAV and Sticky Password Manager. When I use Sticky Password, the CPU is constantly between 40-50% and the laptop heats-up like a fire within 10-15 mins.

I tried Sticky Password with ESET Internet Security and Kaspersky Internet Security and no such prob.

Win 10 64
Chrome Portable

Hi yashkhan,
I cannot reproduce it on my side, could you please describe it in detail, OS version or any step?
Attached my screenshot.
Thanks for your support!

Hi yashkhan,
If possible you can have a try to add “Sticky Password Manager” to Exclusions list.


Win 10 Pro 64 Bit (Version 1803)
Sticky Password Manager (Latest Version)
Google Chrome Portable (from portableapps website)

You tried Sticky on Internet Explorer. The screenshot shows 2 Sticky Password processes.
Try Sticky on Chrome Portable. There should be 3 Sticky Password processes.


Sticky Password (32 bit) process uses high CPU.

Tried adding it, all the 3 processes, Sticky Password folder in Program Files (x86) in Excluded Paths and Excluded Applications, still high CPU.


It seems is not a browser related issue.

Started Sticky Password, Sticky Password (32 bit) process remains normal.
Started Sticky Password and Signed-In/Unlocked, Sticky Password (32 bit) process uses high CPU.


Tried with CFW and no such issue.


Tried disabling AV, Sandbox, Cloud and Heur Command-Line Analysis, still high CPU.

Tried adding Sticky Password (32 bit) process i.e stpass.exe in “Don’t detect shellcode injections in these applications”, CPU remains normal.

So adding stpass.exe in “Don’t detect shellcode injections” fixes the issue.

By the way, “Don’t detect shellcode injections” works even with AV, Sandbox, Cloud, etc disabled?

By the way, “Don’t detect shellcode injections” works even with AV, Sandbox, Cloud, etc disabled?
Yes, it is not related to AV, Sandbox, Cloud etc

For Sticky Password Manager issue, we still cannot reproduce it on our side, if possible could you please create one dump file of the process when it is taking high CPU usage?
Thank you!


I reinstalled CCAV and the issue is fixed now. I wonder what caused the issue? If the issue returns then I will provide the dump file.

Hi yashkhan,

Thank you!

When will the new version of the antivirus?

when its ready

even the beta version is not yet



I have already downloaded from the beta server too :wink:

curious to see version 12 and new GUI CCAV :stuck_out_tongue:

The path on your screenshot shows sandbox folder. Reset the sandbox and scan again.