Comodo Cloud Antivirus - v1.19.456424.771 Released

Hi All,
We are pleased to announce release of Comodo Cloud Antivirus v1.19.456424.771.

Thank you for all the feedback during beta testing.
Size: 10.0 MB (10,490,800 bytes)
MD-5: 9795d02be6d3ce035bf16201fa5a4d96
SHA-1: 18a375d19cd7e1be22c616958ac5bf4af49c08e1

At this point this release is available only for new installations. In case you want to update from older version, you can do so using test server which has same latest version by having following hosts (c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts) entries and then run update function from main screen:

Here is the change list:

  1. Option to enable Virus Scope outside Sandbox:

    • Like CIS, now you have a new option “Monitor only the applications running in the Sandbox” under “Sandbox → Sandbox Settings” as shown in enclosed snap VirusScopeOutsideSandbox.png
  2. Additional Trusted Vendor List options as discussed in wishlist item here

    • Now you have following additional options under “File Rating Settings”:
      Do cloud lookup for trusted vendors (selected by default)
      Do cloud lookup for malicious vendors (selected by default)
      Do not update local list upon program updates (de-selected by default)
    • And you have additional options to import and export Trusted Vendor entries under “File Rating → Trusted Vendors” section.

    Above advanced options allow you to fully control trusted vendor list. You can export, import and then control update and online look up of vendor list.

Improvised “Right click folder analysis” implementation:
- You will see break up of file verdicts
- Applications files, which are absent in Comodo back-end and need to be uploaded will appear under “File Rating → Submitted Applications” section rather waiting on right click analysis dialog to finish submitting all absent files.

Improvised “Submitted Applications” interface:
- You have two additional options: Lookup and Purge. You can select one or more entries and use “Look up” button to see latest Comodo rating of submitted files, while “Purge” will remove entries no longer present in system.

When you click on “Being Analyzed” link present under Valkyrie section, you see files under analysis on Valkyrie, now you have “Recheck file status” button and you can check latest status of files.

When Valkyrie detection is reported, you will have additional options to report false-positive as shown in enclosed detection example FP_Options_On_Detection.png


Thank you for all the feedback, we are working on CCAV for year 2019 with some exciting features. So stay tuned.


The new releases are interesting.
I suggest adding in the next releases the enabling of the sounds on all the notifications that appear, even those with automatic operations without user intervention.
Also you can set the choice of automatic scanning by choosing “fast” or “complete”.

Thank you! :wink:

Spanish translation?

If you can make an entry under wish list section and elborate further, it will be great and other users can also participate.


Ok I will '.

Thank you! :wink:

Let me check with translation team and get back.

I have spanish translation file on folder but i dont have option on menu.

Team will check and get back.

Ok, Thanks.

Working perfectly. Updated using the new installer on the previous installation.
Really like this software and also customers are likeing it, due to its simplicity, effectiveness and install and forget approach.
I would just recommend not to add too many options…too many things…there is already CIS for that. For CCAV i’d say the slighter the better
P.s: CCAV just needs COS bundled now! =)

However, a very important thing to improve is Valkyrie’s response times that are very long. In my opinion the answer should arrive at the most within 1 minute and no further.

Thank you. :wink:

We are still working on this aspect, if files are widely popular they are processed very fast and in case rare seen e.g. only by one user, may take time. Work is on…

Hi lordman,

This issue will be fixed in coming release.

I tried this new release, but I got the same problems already reported before:;msg877240#msg877240
Only boot time looked better, everything else was slowed down. Even opening Windows Settings had a delay of 1-2s.
CPU usage was constantly 3-5% when idle and RAM was around 100Mb (not so high, but before it was around 10Mb)…
Uninstalled CCAV and back to Avast, everything came back to normal (CPU around 0-0,1% and RAM around 10-20Mb when idle, settings and apps running nearly istantly)

Hi Jon79 ,
The issue was occurred at CCAV installed with firest reboot? What does it look like when CCAV running for a while?

Yes, it happened just after installation and reboot.
I rebooted 3-4 times more after installing CCAV, making the scan and setting it up to see if still happens, but nothing changed.
Win 10 Home 64bit, other security SWs I use are K9 Web Protection and Sphinx-soft Windows 10 Firewall Control

Noticed same thing.
50MB per process in idle, when previously was around 15-20k per process in idle.
Rebooted many times, and already performed full scan. Win 7 64bit

This is the ram use of just one process atm: (it’s in idle)

Ah, I also found an error on Windows event viewer, something about a problem due to ccav service sets to interact with the desktop

I was testing ccav and i noticed that if a malicious .xls file is manual scanned then the file will be marked as malicious (fls.noname detection). On the other hand, if i just double click on the malicious .xls, no real time detection at all. Does the realtime module scans the .xls, .doc etc type of files?

At this point this release is available only for new installations. In case you want to update from older version, you can do so using test server which has same latest version by having following hosts (c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts) entries and then run update function from main screen:


I use CCAV for a month now and registered here to express my gratitide for this wonderful software. Light on resources, nice GUI, protection quite good, Valkyrie actually works - not always lightning fast but fast enough. Keep up good work! Concerning quoted text: what is time frame for adding this update to official update server so that user can get it automaticaly through usual update process?

For your feedback many thanks in advance!