Comodo Cloud Antivirus - v1.18.450386.723 Released

Hi All,
We are pleased to announce release of Comodo Cloud Antivirus v1.18.450386.723.

Thank you for all the feedback during beta testing.
Size: 9.91 MB (10,393,048 bytes)
MD-5: eb54a576cc2de4e417d7e52636aefb80
SHA-1: 6051fefa929ff0e766bf5f346b0cc28917dd68c9

At this point this release is available only for new installations. In case you want to update from older version, you can do so using test server which has same latest version by having following hosts (c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts) entries and then run update function from main screen:

Here is the change list:

Additional right click options:

  • There are additional right click options to submit absent PE files present inside folder or sub folders.
  • You can also select an executable and add a rule to: always execute in sandbox | always block | treat as trusted

There is a new check box in Sandbox settings as “Save files with trusted rating outside Sandbox automatically”. By default de-selected.
After you have this option selected, any file that is dropped in Sandbox and if found safe, it will be created automatically outside sandbox.

Now “Do not virtualize access to” section under Sandbox settings allow to select a file, folder or application from running processes.

There are default entries in “Do not virtualize access to” section under Sandbox settings, same like CIS.

We continue to fix reported crashes in every release. This release also has several fixes. Due to this, every release is now more stable than previous one.

Please give it a try and share your valuable feedback.


How many time we have to wait to upgrade without editing host file?. Thanks.

It’s not a good idea to release to all users at once.
You can download and execute latest setup and it should upgrade as well.

Downloaded setup, did over-install and upgrade was successful on Win 10 Pro 64 Bit.
There are no default entries in “Do not virtualize…” as mentioned in the change list.

Only in fresh installation.

In “Don’t detect shell code…”, there are 2 default entries now, right?

That’s true for all older versions also, driven by server side configuration, we had incompatibilities and they are addressed via exclusion.

New right-click options, don’t you think a confirmation like “Are you sure…” would be good before treating, analyzing or creating a rule?

Upgraded and it works ok for the moment. :-TU

Clean install after the Betas . . . . no problems and running well

Very nice - thank you

So far so good :-TU No problem on my machine.

@umesh, can we use our Valkyrie API Key in CCAV? When I submit a file from CCAV, I want to see the file on my Valkyrie Verdict dashboard?

Is it possible? It will be nice option for me.


Sounds good, we will consider.
So essentially you will be required to input key but all stats you shall see in website.

Exactly, you got it sir :-TU


I tried it after upgrading to Windows 10 April 2018 Update, but I removed it because it noticeably slows down almost everything (boot, folder browsing, internet surfing, etc.)

Running perfectly since the release:

Win10 Pro x 64 1803 (17134.48)

Hi Jon79,
In order to diagnose the issue, we will need report as suggested here.

Every PC is different and that report may help isolate the module.


We have released updates to older version today.


Hi umesh,

Can you please watch this video?

I cannot submit .html files in this folder. I changed the files’ extensions to .exe then I can submit with CCAV.
Actually for this senario, CCAV should not show the 100% bar. There should be another alert to tell user “There is no suitable file for submission”


Hi yigido,
Next release will allow to upload all files except document types.