Comodo Cloud Antivirus - v1.18.450386.723 Released

By the way, does Legacy BIOS and UEFI affect the system?

On same system, Legacy BIOS, I find little slow down with CCAV. UEFI, it’s better, even the normal system performance i.e without CCAV is better on UEFI.

I find system boot better too on UEFI system.

Hi yashkhan,
UEFI is a load time thing and depending on speed of system UEFI may cause slow boot compare to legacy BIOS.
In no way it has any relation with any user mode applications and thus CCAV should not impact it in either way.


Hi All,
Please try out latest BETA v758 and share your feedback:


I’m new to using CCAV, dowloaded and installed fine. My question is when I download the eircar test file CCAV still says no unknowns apps. When I open the download folder and try and run it, Windows SmartScreen filter pops up with the error but still nothing showing up in CCAV but scanning the folder found the test virus. Does CCAV work on on-access only as opposed to system watching like CIS does? Just wanted to check this was normal for CCAV.

(Testing out CCAV while CIS issues are being resolved)



Hi Eric,
CCAV scans only files, which are opened with execution permission while CIS checks files which are even open with Ronly permission.
So if you execute and control does get to CCAV, you shall see detection.


Ok great. Thanks for the clarification Umesh. I’m protected if anything does execute, just wanted to be sure.



Hello to all,
despite having checked to emit the sound when a threat is detected, no sound is emitted.

Can you fix the bug?

Thank you. :wink:


It’s known issue, if the system does not support “.wav” you will not get sound of alert.

Could you please check it on your operation system with attached file?
thank you!

Hi Flykite,
by running the attached wav file on my PC it is heard.

Use VLC as the default program for WAVs.

Ache setting the Windows Media Player as the default program does not hear the audio in the Comodo Cloud Antivirus notification.

Feedback aspect for the solution.

Thank you.

Good morning,
i suggest in the next version to set the sounds for any notification also that “quarantine” and “block” for the antivirus and any notification of sandbox and viruscope.

Thank you! :wink:

Hi All,
Please check out latest v771: