Comodo Cloud Antivirus - v1.17.445295.685 Released

Hi All,
We are pleased to announce availability of Comodo Cloud Antivirus v1.17.445295.685.
Thank you for all the feedback in beta releases.
Size: 9.71 MB (10,183,560 bytes)
MD-5: 79a71a19773baa9b5c0e1314bbcebdcf
SHA-1: ce52b9d849475ad029efde2cb1b246839af54623

At this moment we have released this for new users only and will release updates in next days.
In the mean time if you want to update, you can also have following hosts entries of test server:

and use manual updater option and update to this version.

Here is the change list:

Option to disable scheduled AV scan:
Now you can disable periodic full scan of system from “Antivirus Settings” as discussed here. There is a check box provided before related settings.

Non-PE files cloud based analysis:
So far CCAV was only submitting unknown PE (Portable Executable File Format) programs to cloud for analysis provided related file submission option is selected. From this release onwards, non-PE files, which are executed in Sandbox will also be submitted and can be seen in same “Settings → File Rating → Submitted Applications” section. You can filter PE and non-PE files using newly added filter.

Do not virtualize access to specific files / folder:
Like Comodo Internet Security, now you have similar option under “Settings–>Sandbox–>Sandbox Settings”, allowing you to define folder/file which should not be virtualized.

In case you remove CCAV shortcut and update CCAV, it was re-creating shortcut, now it will not re-create shortcut if it was absent before update as reported here.

In case you update from Windows 7 to Windows 10, CCAV will detect this change and auto update drivers without requiring user intervention.

There are performance side changes in this version, typically 1st re-boot after installation used to be slower, it should be slightly faster now.

Please give it a try and share your valuable feedback.


Installed!!! Thanks. It seems it works ok. :slight_smile:

No problems at all :slight_smile:

Just manually updated, but the desktop shortcut was re-created even if it wasn’t there.
Everything else looks fine

Hi Jon79,
Unfortunately, this fix is for this release onwards only. So if you remove desktop shortcut and when we release next CCAV version, it won’t re-create.


Hi umesh,
Ok, thanks, I get it now :slight_smile:
I’ll check on next update then :-TU

Hi umesh,
I have a couple of questions about TVL.

When CCAV updates, TVL will be reverted to default or it will keep any customization the user made?
Any feedback about the two wishes below?;msg859263#msg859263;msg869078#msg869078

Thanks :slight_smile:

Running fine here.

Any plan to provide VirusScope for programs running outside containment too?

In plans.

It seems windscribe vpn not connecting with antivirus enabled issue is back. I am not able to connect windscribe vpn if antivirus is enabled. If I disable antivirus, windscribe connects fine.

I had reported this issue previously too and guess the issue was fixed as I was able to connect to windscribe with previous version too. I did clean install of this version.

If I go to “exclude applications” and select “running processes” and exclude “windscribe.exe” then windscribe connects fine.

So you have network traffic blocked for Sandboxed apps and added this application in exception list. Even though this app doesn’t run in Sandbox but still exclusion helps?

Please share sha-1 of “windscribe.exe”.

I have network traffic blocked for sandboxed apps. Windscribe seems whitelisted and no files in sandbox.

As windscribe connects fine with antivirus disabled, I excluded windscribe.exe under antivirus exclusion - “excluded applications” - add - running processes - windscribe.exe
After exclusion, windscribe connects fine.

If I exlude windscribe.exe under “excluded paths” then no change i.e windscribe doesn’t connect.
If I exclude windscribe folder under “excluded paths” then windscribe connects fine.

Lets us see again.

Why the Realtime alert don’t have “add to exclusion”?

Please see enclosed, you can exclude.

I meant, add to exclusion (antivirus exclusion only).

You see, when you execute a file, you have two layers i.e. AV layer and you have Sandbox layer, if you just add to AV exclusion then next alert will be from Sandbox, which will be bad user experience considering what user is trying to do i.e. he wants to execute application.

So why manual or context menu scan have “add to exclusion”?

Exclusion can also add to whitelist, can be done. It’s just for real time, it makes perfect sense.