Comodo Cloud Antivirus - v1.17.445295.685 Released

Hi All,
Thanks for all the feedback.

We have released updates to older versions now.


Booted up my pc and saw CCAV Browser Settings Protection being enabled again.;msg875085#msg875085

so… after some time away from ccav… how is ccav compared to cis in protection and configurability?

CIS is much more configurable, CCAV is ready out of the box.
About protection, with default settings they are quite similar and maybe CCAV is even better (now CCAV can block TCP connections for sandboxed apps and offers protection from fileless malware).
And CCAV gives almost no problems at all with Windows 10 updates

I’ve tried this a few times . . booting up after hours or the night shutdown. Unchecked - it stays that way and the same with re-checking - can’t reproduce it at all

Ever going to fix the Widget not staying in place on multi-monitor setups?

Hi plywood99,
May you please point to bug report or detail the problem?


Hi umesh,

I just would like to give you a feedback about CCAV.
My browser (Chromium portable) was quite slow, it was taking 10s to open the “settings” page.
I tried to disable the extensions, but nothing changed, so I tried to uninstall CCAV and everything went back to normal.
I don’t think it’s related with the last build v1.17.445295.685, but it would be nice if someone else could report if it’s experiencing the same issue.

Possible to re-install and see if behavior returns?

I tried, but didn’t work.
Plus, I read of two more people complaining about the same issue on Wilders Security Forums

Ok thanks. will check.

I am using CIS Essentials. I was wondering whether CCAV would be better alongside Comodo Firewall than the regular Comodo AV module that I have installed?

I have the sandbox configured in CF, so would I have to disable it and set CCAV to the same?

Finally, what would be the best way to use CCAV alongside CF?

I have CCAV set to autosandbox with sandboxed apps restricted from internet access and have CFW set with HIPS activated and no autosandbox. These settings work great.

Would you say CCAV is better than the regular version of CAV?

Yes. It’s much lighter and with autosandboxing, Valkyrie, browser protection, etc, it has better protecton, including from fileless malware.

Any update on Windscribe issue?

I reinstalled CCAV today and Windscribe works fine.

I have reported this few times that AviDemux Portable takes a long time to start. Did you guys check it?

Hope CCAV don’t have issues with some kinda packaging, installer, etc.

Hi Ya5h Kh4n,
We have not been able to produce this issue.
It seems it is auto fixed for you.

As you mentioned that excluding full path works but not if you just exclude “windscribe.exe”.
In case it happens again, please see if you can try to exclude each application in same folder where you have “windscribe.exe” present.

Just to isolate as exclusion of which app works.


Team will re-check again but vendor already seems in Trusted Vendor List.


Hi Ya5h Kh4n,
We can’t produce the issue.

We need dump to analyze.

Please keep Task Manager running and once you start the application, please find the application process in “Details” tab and collect dump using “Create dump file” option available upon right click and share with us.


Hi All,
Please check out latest beta v712 and share your feedback:;msg876315#msg876315


Hi All,
Please have a look at newly released tool, Comodo Hijack Cleaner:

Any feedback is highly appreciated.