Comodo Cloud Antivirus - v1.16.440168.650 Released

Hi All,
We are pleased to announce availability of Comodo Cloud Antivirus v1.16.440168.650.
Thank you for all the feedback in previous beta release.
Size: 9.53 MB (9,997,480 bytes)
MD-5: 900ee7f596ffb77c550f4b38575bf7ce
SHA-1: 6e216b48b12d0ee6fa2dbdb49d2887d6a3335755

At this moment we have released this for new users only and will release updates in next days.
In the mean time if you want to update, you can also have following hosts entries of test server:

and use manual updater option and update to this version.

Here is the change list:
In Sandbox Files Management:
Based on wish list item discussion here, you can now manage files, which are created by Sandbox application. So if you run browser in Sandbox, you can manage which all files you want to move out of it.

a - When an application in sandbox creates a file, with matching extension, please see enclosed File_Extensions_to_Track.png, as defined in “Sandbox–>Tracking Files Created In Sandbox” section, you will see a notification, as shown in enclosed InSandbox_Files_Created_Notification.png, this notification will appear only once per parent application i.e. if you are using browser and you download multiple files, it will be shown just once to make you aware that you can manage files created inside Sandbox and at the same time limiting notifications.

b - When you click on “Review Files” link in notification, same link is also present when you see applications running in Sandbox window, please see ReviewFiles_Button.png, you will be able to manage files as shown in enclosed InSandbox_FilesReview.png. In that interface, you can select a row and if you want to define a new location you can use “Move to specific folder” link else file will be re-stored to same location where it is currently present when you press “Move” button.

Improved Handling of Interpreters Launched Files:
Like CIS, in CCAV v594, we introduced support for file-less malware, but there were cases where even if batch files or commands were executed by safe applications, they could get Sandboxed, which is not expected user-experience. In order to improve user-experience, we have confined it to certain applications that could potentially be exploited. Please see enclosed LauncherApplication.png. This list can be updated from server side.

3 - After update, in case user doesn’t re-start system we show reminder dialog to re-start system; we have added additional scheduling options in it including allowing you to pick a date as when you would like to be reminded again to re-start system, please see enclosed AdditionalReminderOptionsUponUpdate.png.

Please give it a try and share your feedback.



Updated and running well - very nice so far

Hi All,
Today we have issued updates to older CCAV versions.

Thanks you for all the feedback.


Any news when CCAV Browser settings protection alert will be done?
(and the safe option should be on the top, like CIS have)

Minor UI Feedback.
Would be nice to have Review Files counter in the widget,
so you have nice/quick way to enter the Revew Files window.

We can expect some GUI changes by April.

Looking forward to it
thanks :-TU


Windscribe VPN is not connecting today. If I OFF the Antivirus then Windscribe connects fine.

Team will check.

I have problems with the analysis of programs in Valkyria …
I had 3 programs sent and 2 were deleted … Only 1 program sent appears.

Questions :
-When viruscop can work outside of sandbox. t.t

  • They are thinking of adding generic signatures locally.

Personally I would like them to improve the valkyria system.
Currently it seems that similar systems are fashionable.
-avats (hard mode)
-panda dome

  • Site of reputation norton, sophos, kasperky others.

Hi klaken,

We will be addressing it by May-2018 release.

No immediate plans. Once we put full Antivirus in it, it will become heavy while purpose is to keep it light and still provide 100% protection.

May you please share sha-1 of pending files? We are prioritizing processing of popular files, seen by two or more users at least, just want to see nature of your files.


They are not important files, but there are dilemmas with the interface …3 files were sent ,but only 1 files appear, the others disappeared within minutes… .

Peazip : 12045cf5d2dccfb8fff06dd51f975978ae6bc53c
amir antivirus ( no import ( av usb)) : 017cb66b9e08de0b756f0a64459c0e97f8de714a Comodo Valkyrie Customer Login | Advanced File Analysis System

USB_Rescate_8.9_Setup.exe (cataloged as malware by viruscope) : 9a286f171abd51d2794e336e494f410c8d4dbcd5 Comodo Valkyrie Customer Login | Advanced File Analysis System

excellent … I want to have it as offline protection and help sending reports to valkyria.

Thinking, I am 100% in agreement … With viruscope and sandbox is more than enough for offline protection.

Minimum 3 XP users … I think I must be a person who plays very strange things XD …
But sometimes my CCAv says that I send file but valkyria (web) does not show it … ex. I played this game 3 months ago …My ccav had told me that I sent it from the beginning … but it was just sent manually to valkyria web( I uploaded it).

EmpireTV.exe ( game steam) : SHA1 39496b73c717cd3b4dff97055a1ee0a50a80e7fc …Comodo Valkyrie Customer Login | Advanced File Analysis System

please allow to investigate and get back.

After installation, the laptop is frozen. The laptop did not start until the end, everything was hanging up. It is also not possible to use a laptop. It was difficult to remove. The laptop came to life.

Hi megaherz33,
May you please create a bug report in suggested format as defined here?

We will need msinfo, any crash dumps, if you can re-produce etc.


Hi All,
Please try out latest CCAV Beta v672 and share your feedback:



ProgramData - does ccav creates a file, name- “empty”, type- icon, size- 20kb?

Win 10 Pro 64 Bit

Please share exact path and file.


File name- empty

Win 10 64

It doesn’t create any such file.