Comodo Cloud Antivirus - v1.15.437378.621 (Hotfix) Released

Hi All,
We are pleased to announce availability of Comodo Cloud Antivirus v1.15.437378.621 (Hotfix)
Size: 9.42 MB (9,887,048 bytes)
MD5: 24A1DFE83058DC494212E73213143154
SHA-1: 33975BB1C2C5332D7CC3A514EB732B5A0C5D721F


We will be releasing updates to older CAV versions on 8th Jan, 2018. In the mean time if you want to update from older CCAV version to this version, you can use following entries in Windows hosts (c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts) file and use Update function:

We would like you to test it and share your feedback.


Edit: 08-Jan-2018: Updates have been released to older versions as informed earlier.

:-TU :-TU :-TU

Installing thanks for this fix and update :-TU

Registry Key deleted > reboot > Hosts file changed > Update to 621 run

Key recreated and everything running smoothly as before :smiley:

Win10 Pro x64 17609 (Build 16299.192)

Was running CIS with the latest windows update .192 with the req key that CIS added.

Uninstalled CIS and removed the reg Key manaully.

I installed the latest CCAV .621 and the reg key was successfully added,
Windows runs fine, no visible problems so far.

Comodo Cloud Antivirus - v1.15.437378.621 (Hotfix)
W10 1709 (OS-Version 16299.192)

Hi All,
We have released updates to older versions today.

Thanks for feedback.


I am still on previous Win 10 build, I too can install the latest CCAV, right?

And anything from the provided msinfo?

Hi Ya5h Kh4n,

Yes, you can.

Team is analyzing and also requested if you could share snapshot of high i/o bytes.



I think Classic theme should be removed. New design and themes light and dark are good. Can you give us Classic theme with New Design too i.e design or GUI or look should be the same but with classic theme i.e colors, fonts, etc (its arcadia, right?)?

And I use CCAV with Antivirus settings “cloud file checking timeout” set to 15000 instead of 2500ms, 15000ms means 15secs, right?
I guess it doesn’t affect CCAV or make it heavy, right?


What about removing it and replacing with new enclosed one Luna_Dark?

And I use CCAV with Antivirus settings "cloud file checking timeout" set to 15000 instead of 2500ms, 15000ms means 15secs, right? I guess it doesn't affect CCAV or make it heavy, right?
Time out matters when server is slow, in best cases server responds fast and time out has no relevance. Of last months we have stablized servers with multiple client and server side changes and it's rock solid now. So extended time out in general has no performance hit. And yes, 15000 means 15sec.


Looks great, but I’d avoid the green shield when computer is at risk, better to change it with a red shield with a “X” over it

Looks good.

but the View Logs icon and the View Quarantine icon doesnt look right.
they dont resemble what they are “supposed to look like.”

the View logs icon from CIS 10 Classic them and the Quarantine from CIS 10 Lycia Theme, looks great.

ofc the theme dont match Luna theme, but the way they portray Quarantine and Log.

We have a dark and a light theme. Classic is a bright theme, text, color, etc are clear and easy on eyes. Classic theme for the new design or GUI would be good.


Please check this -

Install CCAV and complete the quick scan and restart the system.
After system restart, disconnect net and try to run few programs… the programs take very long time to run.

Win 10 Pro 64 Bits with 6GB RAM
Windows Firewall and CCAV (sandbox settings set to “ask for untrusted” and “block incoming” and “block outgoing” enabled and “upload unknown to Valkyrie” disabled)

I did as mentioned above and tried to run 7-8 programs, in 3-4 mins I received alerts for 3-4 programs, I waited for 1-2 mins and rest programs didn’t run, I connected net and rest programs appeared.

And I have a program that Valkyrie detect as malware.
Default CCAV - I run the program and get malware alert.

Reinstall CCAV and Sandbox Settings set to “ask for untrusted” - I get Sandbox alert - shouldn’t I get malware alert? i.e program detection is in Valkyrie database so no need to run the program in sandbox to get malware detection, right?

And as mentioned above “upload unknown to Valkyrie is disabled” But this shouldn’t affect the detection i.e program is known and in Valkyrie database so Cloud AV should detect and no need upload, right?

Hi Ya5h Kh4n,

Is this behavior with your modified 15 sec time out settings?

Please share sha-1 of file.

Yes, you should get malware alert before Sandbox.

Yes, that option should not matter as long as we have the file in cloud. Let me see the file.


Yes, 15 secs

VT Results of the file

Hi Ya5h Kh4n,

That explains and is the downside of increased “timeout” as application waits for that long, when you have high time out and network not available.
Can you please share feedback with some unknown files but with default 2500 msec?

This is one of rare cases of files, where Valkyrie has verdict as malware and file not synced in cloud yet! Thanks for reporting.
We are investigating. Due to that anomaly you see unexpected behavior else upon execution you should have seen malware alert.


I tested default 2.5 secs and increased 15 secs and net disconnected again.
Default was good and increased too was kinda good this time with couple secs freezes few times i.e the small blue spinning circle and once CCAV alert for the applications appeared the blue circle would be back to arrow.

I think 5 secs would be optimal and better so I have set to 5 secs now.

Is the file really malware?
The file is created by a kinda trusted member of a forum.

Hi Ya5h Kh4n,
The file is not a malware, a false-positive and has been fixed. Thank you very much for pointing out the difference in detection.


The fastest CCAV ever for my computer! The actions are fast while surfing in my documents. Valkyrie response is nice (even I submit files manually on forum) I still don’t use to submit over CCAV :smiley: There is no unknown running on my PC.

Thank you devs & beta testers for your hard work :-TU